Thursday, 16 July 2015

How to live a Richer and Happier Life???

Living in a mansion, driving a Ferrari, married to a fashion model, travelling around the world, and running a billion dollar business. Definitely that is not the "Newbie Mentor" slight only.

I learned that to live rich and happy life does not depend on material things, size of bank accounts, and marrying a fashion model. Those are the usual measures of rich and happy life in our society. I'm not saying that I will not be able to achieve my dream mansion and dream car, the truth I'm on my way to those financial richness, I realized that being rich and happy will not be limited to those metrics.

Everyone can live a richer and happier life even in the absence of material things.

Living simply and spending quality time with my wife and baby is a rich and happy life that I defined.

We can be rich and happy by improving different relationships aspect.
1. Spiritually
2. Family
3. Socially
4. Personally- (Health)
5. Financially

I keep working out those relationship aspects.
Spiritually. I read a bible verse every morning and reflect on it. It's really good to start a day with encouragement since I'm bombarded by many criticisms and decision making task everyday.

Family.  Just watching my wife and baby in the morning  is a complete day for me. I'm trying  to spend more quality time with them. Yes, we are going for Eid Holidays.

Socially. I'm trying to be social and have a face to face conversations with friends but now social media made networking easy. I'm trying to grow and share my knowledge on PAM ACADEMY . You can join me as well on PAMers group on facebook.

Personally. I'm referring this to health and personal growth improvement. Jogging and walking on the park everyday and I started my after 6 diet of fruits and salads. 

For personal growth, I red 5 books this month; Winning, Money Master the Game, One Minute Millionaire, Blueprint and I can make you rich.

Financially. I'm working hard and commit myself to hit 1 million passive income on blogging thru this NEWBIE blog.

If you have extra for a special webinar for only 500 pesos, please join me on this link;

I'm wishing you a richer and happier life.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

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