Wednesday, 8 July 2015

10 Lies that we keep telling ourselves.

There are white lies that we keep telling ourselves and we keep hiding it to justify our current situation. 

I would like to share those white lies that you might be suffering right now and you still have time to change them;

1. When I grow up, I want to become a doctor. Our parents wanted to take a path that they were not able to achieved. The lies to take a college degree that your parents dreamed for you. "Okay Lang ang course na to basta masaya si Nanay at Tatay", at the end of 2nd year there are subjects failed and you need to shift for another course.

2. Open a savings account to become financially stable in the future. 95% of Filipinos keep their extra money on savings account that keeps losing value against the inflation rate and witholding tax of 20% from interest.
Bank savings account is not an investment instruments and you will never be a millionaire thru this vehicle.

3. White Collar Job. " It's ok to stay with this job, as long as I able to earn a decent amount".

If you are not happy and forced to stay with your current position because you are afraid not to find a job that you love, then continue wasting your time. After 5 years, "Ang bilis ng araw parang kahapon lang."

4. Lottery. "Pag tumama ako sa Lotto saka na lang ako magiinvest at bibili ng properties". Kahit hindi tumataya, naghihintay na tumama.
99.9% no chance of winning, there is another way to richness except taking the shortcuts that is "Hardwork".

5. It's ok to have a red portfolio in the stock market. No, it's not OK. "Ok lang tataas din yan ", no one can predict the direction of the market  and everyone is "Madam Auring".

6. It's easy to set up a business. It will only be easy if you have enough capital and knowledge. 75% of start up businesses failed in the first 5 years. Commitment and determination needed not only bright ideas.

7. Love at first sight. Better to have a second sight though I experienced it with my wife. "Marami ng hindi naniniwala sa forever dahil sa love at first sight."

8. Traveling and Setting Up New Business at the time of retirement. Don't wait until you hit the retirement age because retirement might not come. Why not take actions now???

9. I'm not IN, if I don't have the latest gadgets. My mobile phone and laptop are from 2011 models, but recently replaced by my new company with latest iPhone 6 and latest Dell model. I realized, it could not add a single "pogi points".

10. It's not worth taking the risks. We keep telling this lies to ourselves, we are not going to succeed if we keep this mindset. The truth, I'm not a good writer but I'm good at earning thru blogging, if I didn't took the risks then this blog will not be able to help lots of newbie in the stock market.

"Marami Salamat Newbie Readers ".

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Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz 
Newbie Mentor 

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