Friday, 5 June 2015

What I have learned in the past 31 years of my life ???

As I celebrate 31 years of my life, I would like to share 31 lessons that I've learned. It's not easy to make a summary in 31 bullet points, these are simple lessons from my experiences, travel, education, books, seminars, events, meet up and from people that I met in 25  different countries.

1. Love is the greatest of them all.

  “Love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” (Mark 12:30)

This is the root of everyone's existence. Love should be shared all the time, as God shared his loved to humankind. No doubt that I'm a fruit of my parents love to each other.

2. Family, the basic of society.

Everyone is a part of family. This is one of my greatfulness everyday, I was raised by a loving parents and with amazing siblings. I'm thankful that my parents opened my eyes to many possibilities. I lost my Mom at a young age  and that triggered me to live independently.

3. Marriage.

90% of success determined by a marriage life. "Ang Pag-aasawa ay hindi parang bigas na pagnapaso ay iluluwa". I vowed till death do us part, definitely should be a values of every man. Broken families usually starts by mistakes on marriages, don't let kids suffer because of your mistake. There should be a "forevermore".

4. Friendship.

Building relationship should be a task for everyone.
I met a lot of people in my travel from different countries and I'm thankful to all of them that they still keep in touch. If I need to visit a country, there is no need to book for a hotel because a friend's door is always open.

Pick friends for life not only during the times that they need you.

5. Health.

Health is Wealth. Yes, you should be discipline with your health. I want to live a longer life so I'm trying to eat healthy and take less coffee. Practising a sport or 30 minutes walk everyday.

6. Education.

I value education because my parent always mentioned "Wala kaming ipamamana maliban lang sa edukasyon", the only inheritance that no one can take away from you. This is also a way of getting ahead of everyone, especially if you are thinking of working in a corporate world and advancing your career.

7. Experience.

"Experience is the best Teacher".

I keep accumulating experiences in different fields; from a Dishwasher to a Chef (Culinary Arts Diploma at UPTER, Rome, Italy), Market Researcher to Marketing Director (Century Properties Inc., London, UK), Accounts Assistant to Cost Accountant (Schlumberger, Norway), and Cost Accountant to Financial Controller ( Dubai, UAE), Google App Developer (PSE Tracker and PSE Alert ), Professor (, and Financial Blogger, Author and Entrepreneur. 

It's not for CV or resume purposes only but learnings gained. You will realize that you become a better version of yourself.

8. Happiness. 

The truth, I keep searching for the meaning of happiness but I realized that should not be searched because it's already within "YOU".

"If you are happy where you are right now, you will be happy wherever you go."

9. Money. 

Lots  of money in this world. No need to rush to get them and do the shortcuts. Use money as the root of all good deeds. Earn money as much as you can, then share and give it to others in need. Create money machines and sideline businesses. Let money works for you and have the power of compounding. Save and invest for a better future.

10. Career. 

Keep looking for the right career. Try and try until you found it. I have tried different industry and it gave me satisfaction every time. 

If you want to get promotions deliver more than what is expected. Don't asks for salary increase if you don't deserve it.LOL.

11. Travel.

"Many are thinking of travelling during their retirement but the truth sometimes retirement never comes". 

I lived in 8 different cities in the past 10 years and travelled for experience. There are many ways to travel without spending a lot of money such as collecting miles, airbinb, pre-booked holiday at least 6 months earlier, and plan it well.

12.  Failures.

"I failed many times and I keep failing. In every failures, there is a hidden treasure".

No one will remember that you failed in the past, I opened a franchise "Pinoy Pao" food cart which did not survive due to my absence. The hidden treasure, I gained management skills and negotiation. 

13. Rejection. 

I was rejected hundred times in job interviews, selling real estates, encouraging pinoys to invest in the stock market, inviting everyone to downloads my Google Apps (PSE Alert, PSE Tracker) and this is an everyday rejections. Col Sanders of KFC always reminds me to keep taking the rejections as a push.

14. Respect. 

Respect everyone you meet along this journey, treat them as your friend. You will be treated as a Prince if you know how to respect others.

Free coffee every time I met a friend.

15. Don't be a worrier but a warrior. 

Life is like a war and we are soldiers that worries if we are going to survive the battle. No need to worry because our worries never really happen.

16. Time. 

The ultimate resource on earth. Most precious gift everyday but only for a limited period. Value your time. Don't be late.

17. Dream. 

Dream big. The only thing free in this world, don't discount it. I write every month my dreams at the end page of the book I read. This reminds me that I have a big dream to achieve.

18. Clear Vision. 

Have a clear vision of your life. Be clear on what you want in your life. Visualize your future self after 10 years.

19. Honesty is the best policy.

This policy is valid always. Don't ask me if I cheat, "yes" I paid the price for it. Be honest and sleep peacefully at night.

20. Compete and compare. 

I attended many competitions such as quiz bee, sports,public speaking,candidate for best author and finance blogger, best app etc. etc. I won few of them and lost many. It doesn't matter whether you win or loss, important part of it you enjoyed the game. 

Don't compare yourself to others because there is always someone better than you. There are many insecure people around but "Just be Yourself".  

21. Good life.

Good life is living simply, there is no need to catch up with joneses probably they have mountains of debt.

22. Change. 

Adapt yourself to new environment,places and situations. Change means growth and innovation. Put yourself as an iPhone. What iPhone version is your life?

23. Stress. 

Life is short. Live a stress free life.

24. Passion.

Do the things that you love everyday. Be passionate of your craft. If you think that you are not maximizing your potential then leave what you are doing right now and search inside yourself.

25. Breath deeply. 

Take a deep breath every time there is a challenge and feel it, it will only last for few days. Believe me, this will help you relax.

26. Always give back.

You will receive lots of blessing but you need to give back first. I was a scholar during my studies after few years of working I was able to help few students. Now, teaching and mentoring at PAM Academy.

27. Be part of community. 

This will help boost your social life especially if you are single and ready to mingle.


Success is the way you defined it. Success will not come without hardwork and dedication.

29. Gratitude.

Be grateful everyday. Appreciate small little things and see the beauty of life.

30. Great Gift. 

My baby daughter Maria Athena Gapasin Ruiz, a special gift entrusted to me and my wife. Take good care of your gifts. Be a great Father or Mother , Husband or wife, Brother or Sister and a friend.

31. Fun. 

Have fun in this journey of life. We are guided towards the right path, celebrate life with fun and joy in your heart.

Happy Celebration of 31 Life JONATHAN ILAGAN RUIZ!!!!!

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