Saturday, 27 June 2015

SSS Strategy to Financial Freedom

This is not SSS or social security discussion, I would like to share how to save few bucks in your daily shopping. This idea came from my wife while roaming around the grocery stores.

SSS Tips to Financial Freedom;

1. Save thru buying from promos. Companies usually does a monthly promotions to increase sales, grab those buy 2 get 1 free. Look around the grocery stores in which items fall into this category especially those items with long expiry dates that you can stocked for future use such as shampoo, toothpaste, dried items, cleaning items,etc. etc,

2. Substitute branded items to a growing brand. You might not agree with this one especially if you are used to a popular brands but if you are tight with budget why not save, all products on the shelf of supermarkets passed a same quality control standards. You might want to collect coupon for discounts.

3. Shopping fresh food items. 
Good ex.  Packed fruits below.

The cost of one packed assorted fruits around 7-9 AED but If you will buy fresh fruits unpacked; 

1kg will cost the same amount, you have more to consume and no added preservatives.

Other advice that might save you from overspending;
  • Prepare a list before going to grocery stores and stick to it. "Same process in the stock market, you create a watchlists and buy only those you researched".

  • Don't buy those items on the shelf with the same eye level, usually prices are higher because they paid for a higher amount of shelf space.

  • Don't shop when you are hungry. This is psychology proven. You will spend more when you are hungry and might push you to go for a snacks in your favorite fast food restaurant.
The savings from SSS strategy can be added to your investment funds, but if you have more than enough and extra cash from passive income there is no need to follow the strategy. 

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