Sunday, 14 June 2015

How to double your income for a lifetime???

Many Pinoys leaving the country and work abroad  as OFW, main reason is not earning enough. They want to double their salary and earn more or they have a better opportunities working abroad. There are also others that don't have the same good story. Some suffered from illegal recruiter, maltreatment from employer and underpaid jobs.

How to double your income?

1. Education.

Take your career into the next level. After I graduated with Accountacy degree, I never stop accumulating knowledge in different fields such as Culinary Arts, Programming, Marketing, Entrepreneurship etc. etc. After gaining the education required, look which industry is paying well then start job hunting.

2. Experience.

If you followed my story (, I worked as a dishwasher, pizza maker, Chef de partie, then Head Chef. 
The salary gap is high not only doubled but 5 times higher. Experience is a best teacher. 

3. Promotions. 

Deliver more than what is expected. The best way to get promotions is to surprise your manager. 
When I moved into corporate world, I anticipate manager inquiries and questions, prepared myself to answer.

4. Overtime.

You can do overtime but this only limited to few hours a day and not sustainable once you get bored. Better to do the next tip.

5. Sideline businesses.

Think of something you like and salable, for example cooking ( sell pack lunches to your co-workers). Good ex. an OFW selling adobong mani @ Al Batha Market.

In my case, during weekend I do tutorial (if you want a tutor or mentor in the stock market, please join me on this link; ) or handcraft accessories which you can sell online. Good ex.

6. Passive income.

Earn passive income from different money machines. Escape the rat race. This is discuss on this link;

7. Commissions thru affiliate products.

This one is crucial, study and research the MLM company that you want to join, check the legitimacy, if many are joining, it doesn't mean that it's not a scam. Check business registration and legal products.

8. Garage sale.

Again this part relates to entrepreneurship, look at your old stuff that you can sell or buy a product and sell with a mark up. Be a middle man or broker.

Visualize and you will be amaze how far your income will double 5 years from now, remember to share your own story once you achieve it.

Happy Father's Day.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor

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