Saturday, 20 June 2015

How to become the best Daddy Trader?

To all the Daddy Traders out there, Happy Father's Day. "Mabuhay po kayo".

I was greeted by my wife a Happy Father's day, though my 2 months old baby will not be able to say it, she wave her little hands and continue with her sleep.

My Little Angel, Baby Athena
I took the challenge of being a Newbie Mentor but the truth there is a another side of me as a Position trader and known as the PAM Master ( . I trade for a living and manage different investment portfolios.

Today, as we celebrate Father's day, I would like to give few tips that will help you understand the life of a Daddy trader;

First, Cash flows from passive and active income.

Build different sources of income or money machines. Don't rely on one source only. You need a bigger capital, if you want to be a hardline trader, having only 5 digits of capital will not be enough and it will only be a waste of time if you don't have enough volume.

If you made a mistake on your trades, you will be suffering from a dilemma of selling at a loss but if you know that other sources will flow at the month end, it will lessen your worry of not having enough. Related link on creating passive income

Second, Plan every trades.

Planning will be a part of every buy button. Setting your cut loss point and exit point should be part of the plans. 

Third, Separate long term stocks.

As a Daddy trader, I also plan for long term meaning I buy stocks that will be sold after 5 or 10 years from now especially for my Baby daughter's education. 

I have a separate broker's account for my wife and baby. There is no mix up on my portfolio and I don't usually open it every month except I will add a buying power and accumulate my chosen stocks.

Fourth, I invest on my education.

I  read a lot of books and attend webinars online. I subscribed in different newsletters, I keep myself aware of every groups potential move but I don't follow the recommendations without validation process.

I recently enrolled on binary trading program. Aside from online education, I learn everyday from my mistakes, and I try to minimize it on my next trades.

Fifth, Don't be greedy.

The biggest mistakes of every traders is to be greedy. "Tataas pa yan, wait ka lang". If I trade with 7 digits, I don't wait for more than 20% gains sometimes one trade is enough for 3 months expenses.

Last tip, I share my knowledge and I learn to give back, you can subscribe on my you tube newbie channel for free.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Daddy Trader

P.S. If you want your knowledge to move on a higher level, this course might be for you ;

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