Wednesday, 13 May 2015

How to fight the risk of unknown?

Let's face the fact that we are living in everyday risks and uncertainty. When you go to work, the risk of getting fired or terminated, when you take the final exam, the risk of failing , when you invest into a new ventures, a risk of getting scam, when you invest in the stock market, the risk of losing money and having a red portfolios.

There are 3 ways to fight the risk of unknown:
1. Passion.
2. Knowledge.
3. Burning desires.

Passion, every motivational speaker advise to follow your passion, this means that you will be able to work for something even without pay because you love it so much. I experienced this myself, 4 years ago I was holding seminars and webinars for free in the stock market that turns into founding PAM academy. Now, I don't need to worry of getting fired in my own company. Please visit

Knowledge, in every field that you want to enter, one of the most important part is to check your knowledge and be honest with yourself, this is the main reason why many businesses failed, business owners don't have enough knowledge. This is also a fact that many newbies holding red portfolios because they don't have enough knowledge on the stock market.

Burning desires, you should always have a desire in your heart to achieve the goals even risking your future. Taking a calculated risk to fight the unknown. Whatever motivation or personal reasons, you should have a burning desires.

Let's fight the risk of uncertainty in the stock market thru continuous learning.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor

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