Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How to become a Daddy Trader?

Every traders recommendation in trading is not to be swayed by emotions and feelings in the stock market. The truth, it is a hard part of being a Trader especially if you are a Father or Daddy. Every mistakes will be equivalent to a loss of penny that you could spend for diapers, wipes, milk etc. etc.

In the past few days, consecutive bleeding of portfolios of many newbies due to the unknown directions of the index. I recommended to take a cautious buying decisions and focus on saving a buying power.

3 important tips:

1. Learn everyday. Every mistakes should have a lesson to remember and you should avoid it the next trades.
2. Focus on specific stocks and enter at the bottom price before the reversal. Spotting the uptrend thru Japanese candlesticks and indicators.
3. Create your PAM strategy. Planning, Actions and Mindset.

I'm thankful for Newbie attendees of my past webinars because of the learnings imparted and gains they are realizing on their portfolios.

For Gains Feedback:

If they followed my recommendations with NIKL @ 20 entry point , then the potential gains around 31%:

I'm holding the Final Part of the Newbie Intensive Course, you might want to attend, Please follow the procedures on this link:

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. Thank you for the support of PSE Alert App, We are able to reach more than 1500 downloads for free and premium version in only 1 week duration. 

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