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How to exit from Dubai to Oman from Visit Visa to Employment Visa?

One  of the biggest challenge for those Filipinos leaving the Philippines and  trying their luck to find a job in UAE is the visa process. From the time that you need to look for an employer willing to hire you based on education and experiences, sometimes you will received an offer lower than your capabilities.

After the offer letter from employer, you can ask them to process your visa the soonest after the signed  offer letter. Most of the employers will ask to have a probationary period and used the remaining visit visa days to test if you will fit on the position, in this case it is a win-win situation, you will be able to know in advance if the price is right for the job task and responsibilities.

In my case, I have a 3 months visit visa and when I arrived in UAE, it only took a month to find a job. I attended 2 interviews for a position in Finance department, soon after the interview I received an offer letter from a company in a hospitality industry to be a financial controller…

How to earn 100% gains during Market Correction?

Most of the Traders will follow the saying "Sell in May and Go Away". For Value investor, this is the time to accumulate stocks for long term duration. Many technicamentalist and chartists predicting that the PSE index will hit 7400 as 200 Moving Average Price level, this means that you don't buy  until the said level touch.

I have seen the market in the past, ups and downs, bear and bull, victories and failures, gains and losses, this is a mental toughness game. See the result above with 105% gains, that was really an excellent bottom price picked.

2 weeks ago, I already mentioned in the PAMers forum and PAM Chat official that this is not the right time to play with the market, I stayed on the sides and many PAMers followed and I'm happy with that. Of course, other Gurus recommended already few stocks to watch and to buy, sorry probably you will be one of their "IPIT" followers.

I have few rules before I recommend a stock:

1. Global Market Conditions - yo…

How to increase cash flows thru Cassava Cake?

The first important part of investing is thru earning cash and increasing cashflows  that will be used as a buying power for different financial instruments.
Every month you should know how much cash coming from passive and active income. A monthly cash flow budgeting is highly recommended especially if you are living paycheck after paycheck. (Excel distributed by Newbie Mentor).
Yesterday, I passed by near Dubai Internet City metro station and a kabayan approached me offering Cassava cake and Tikoy for 10 AED each.

I realized that there are many ways to create money machines thru sideline businesses even you are far from home country.
Imagine if he will be able to sell 50 pcs everyday for 10 AED, it will be a cash inflows of 500 AED a day and 15000 AED for 30 days, total cash inflows of 180 000 pesos a month.(12 php = 1 AED).
Can you imagine 1.8 Million pesos in 10 months?
In the calculations above do not include cost and expenses. I considered him working full time and only sell dur…

How to create a passive income for life?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step- Lao Tzu

Many Newbies keep asking me questions  how I turned a portfolio into 1 million pesos?
How I made more than 1 million in real estate?

How about blogging to 1 million pesos? The truth, I'm working hard on this one and it will take more time compared to real estate and stock market but I'm willing to share the knowledge with you in anticipation that I will achieve it.
This will be a passive income for a lifetime as long as you are committed to build your presence online and it will take hardwork and patience.
Here is my steps to passive income for life? 1. Know your passion. Every bloggers talked about it, you should look at your talent and skills that you can monetize later. If you like photography, cooking, health and fitness etc.. etc.. Pick only one and master it.
2. …

Enlightened Wealth Webinar

I attended an online webinar program about enlightened wealth formula. I would like to share with you the formula for welath:

The focus is not the money, and the wealth you want to accumulate instead the impact of your business and inspiration why you do it. Each of us have reasons for putting up a business or working for someone, it might be the dream house, dream car, financial freedom, fame,  and wealth.

My INSPIRATION in my journey to financial freedom are the newbies that believed in my mission to spread financial literacy and help them learn on investing and trading in the stock market.

Thank you for continuous support.

Learning feedback:
Langhap Sarap feedback:

The IMPACT, learnings and gains from others that you helped them. There could be a monetary rewards from NEWBIES attended my webinar like the NIKL with 30% gains, URC with the reversal signal at 199, JFC entry point at 198, many more examples and recommended stocks for longterm.

The MONEY, I will not hide that I'm ea…


I used to share my strategy on how to collect 10% gains in the NEWBIE INTENSIVE TRADING COURSE.  The truth it's easier to collect the 10% gains than saving yourself from a downtrend and hit 10% loss in your stock portfolios. If you follow recommendations from friends or gurus without any validation then it's easy to get a 10% loss on your portfolio.

How to save yourself from 10% loss?

1. Create your PAM system. Your PAM payamang strategy, P-planning, A- Actions and M-mindset. Check your commitments to stock market, whether you are a trader or value investor.

2.  Be Alert with bad news and good news on the specific stock especially if you already bought the stock. PSE Alert app will be helpful to keep yourself updated with local news and set Alert target Price. Download here :

3. Review your entry point and sell at least 10% gains (Traders Only).

Sell at least 10% gains
Sell Transaction:
I sold mine last Apri…

How to fight the risk of unknown?

Let's face the fact that we are living in everyday risks and uncertainty. When you go to work, the risk of getting fired or terminated, when you take the final exam, the risk of failing , when you invest into a new ventures, a risk of getting scam, when you invest in the stock market, the risk of losing money and having a red portfolios.

There are 3 ways to fight the risk of unknown:
1. Passion.
2. Knowledge.
3. Burning desires.

Passion, every motivational speaker advise to follow your passion, this means that you will be able to work for something even without pay because you love it so much. I experienced this myself, 4 years ago I was holding seminars and webinars for free in the stock market that turns into founding PAM academy. Now, I don't need to worry of getting fired in my own company. Please visit

Knowledge, in every field that you want to enter, one of the most important part is to check your knowledge and be honest with yourself, this is the mai…

How to Escape the Rat Race?

I know everyone wants to escape the rat race, you want passive income to exceed living expenses. The prison of 9-5 hours job and cubicle nations that most of us wants to escape. The reality of working for someone and make them rich.

Here is the rat race process, Effort - Money - Bills:

Effort - working from 9 - 5 hours everyday.

Money - received paycheck at the month end.

Bills - pay living expenses and obligations.

Then repeat the process all over again, if you are stocked on this process then you have to do something about it. Nobody will become rich on this process instead change your approach.


Effort - part time job while working full time like selling pack lunches to co-workers,blogging, etc.

Money - invest the part time income to financial instruments like stocks, bonds, etc. etc.

Bills - pay on time and try to reduce it.

The idea is creating money machines on the sideline to escape the rat race. Start building passive
income while working full time.

Newbie Mentor strategy…

Ang Kwento ng Isang Ina

Mothers day na naman at heto yung pinakamagandang araw kung saan makapagbibigay tayo ng ngiti sa ating mga pinakamamahal na Ina.

Ina ang Ilaw ng Tahanan.
Ina ang Nagdala sayo ng 9 na buwan sa sinapupunan.
Ina ang gumabay sa iyong paglaki.
Ina ang nagpapaalala sa Ama ng mga pangangailangan ng pamilya.

Isang Pagpupugay sa lahat ng Ina at higit sa lahat, ang mga Ina sa stock market na nagtatrabaho para sa magandang kinabukasan ng kanyang pamilya.

Naalala ko ang aking pinakamamahal na Ina, lagi sya nagpapaala-ala na mag-aral ng mabuti para makapagtapos ng pag-aaral, sabi pa nga niya wala daw syang maipapamana maliban sa edukasyon.

Umalis sya ng bansa at nagtrabaho bilang isang OFW at upang makapagbigay ng magandang kinabukasan sa kanyang mga anak. Hindi natapos ang obligasyon nya sa mga anak, extended din ito sa lahat ng kapatid at kamag-anak na ngayon ay may mga maayos na buhay at kabuhayan.

Hindi ko makakalimutan ang bawat sandali at ala-ala na kasama ko sya habang nasa Italy kami. Lag…

Success Principles to PHP Millions

One of my addiction is to read and study different successful people and their success principles. I'm trying to apply their principles in my life.

I would like to share Dr. Eurich Tasha Ted Talks take away about success:

First, Know yourself. It's very important to know where you stand and what are your values, it will be easier for you to know where you going and what you want to achieve in your life. Invest on yourself and work out on your talents and skills.

Second, Pick your one thing. It's better to make progress on one thing than little to none on many things. Focus on your core strengths. As a Newbie Mentor, my main strength is trading so I keep creating system on this field. Another thing that I focused on is developing application in PSE still on the same field. The latest app and a breakthrough on this field is PSE Alert, download here,

Third, Practice daily. Practice makes perfect. This is t…

How to become a Daddy Trader?

Every traders recommendation in trading is not to be swayed by emotions and feelings in the stock market. The truth, it is a hard part of being a Trader especially if you are a Father or Daddy. Every mistakes will be equivalent to a loss of penny that you could spend for diapers, wipes, milk etc. etc.

In the past few days, consecutive bleeding of portfolios of many newbies due to the unknown directions of the index. I recommended to take a cautious buying decisions and focus on saving a buying power.

3 important tips:

1. Learn everyday. Every mistakes should have a lesson to remember and you should avoid it the next trades.
2. Focus on specific stocks and enter at the bottom price before the reversal. Spotting the uptrend thru Japanese candlesticks and indicators.
3. Create your PAM strategy. Planning, Actions and Mindset.

I'm thankful for Newbie attendees of my past webinars because of the learnings imparted and gains they are realizing on their portfolios.

For Gains Feedback:


The market is down, your portfolio is red and bleeding, you don't know which stocks to pick and what to do. Are you going to sell or buy?

There are a lot of hypers and bashers on different forums. Many graphs and charts by technical gurus. Now, it's time for you to decide for your future trades. If you don't know what should be the strategy then join your NEWBIE Mentor to the Final Part of NEWBIE Intensive Trading Course this coming Friday, May 8 Manila Time around 7:00 PM that will be held online.

What are the topics?

Pull back Trading Strategy
Entry Point and Exit Point or Buy Below Price and Target Price Calculations
How to collect 10% gains every week?

How much is the investment fee?
When? May 8 , 2015, Friday
Time: 7:00 to 9:00 PM, MANILA TIME
Where? Online, Anywhere with your laptop, ipad or any electronic devices.
How to PAY?
Remittance or Deposit to the Newbie Mentor Bank Account: Thru PAYPAL:

After the paymen…