Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Protect yourself from Hypers and Bashers

How to Protect Yourself from Hypers and Bashers?

3 Important Advice:
1. Do your own assignment.
2. Don't press the buy button until a good entry point is hit.
3. Check the stocks volume and technical indicators.

First rule, During your school days, teacher always gave an assignment and you always followed because if not you will not probably get your diploma. The motivation is to get a diploma after years of hardwork and study. This same scenario applies to your journey in the stock market but the motivation is to achieve financial freedom. In this battlefield, your brighter future is at stake so better to do your own assignment which is to research a stock and study the potential return in the future.

Second rule, If you are a trader, then you are applying different technical analysis strategy in picking the right entry point, it could be support and resistance, oversold and overbought condition, different reversal patterns etc. etc. This upcoming NEWBIE INTENSIVE TRADING COURSE newbies will learn a simple mathematical formula that they could use in their everyday trading life .

If the stock hits below 4.61, then it is a potential buy, more examples on NEWBIE Intensive Trading Course.

Third rule, If you are a trader then check the volume of transactions to confirm the directions of the trend and add an indicator.

Now, you can make a decision.

Thank you for NEWBIE enrollees.

Enrollment is until today, kindly click this link and follow the procedures: www.newbie.ph/2015/03/newbies-intensive-trading-course.html

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. I hope you followed my recommendation with NIKL.

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