Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Pay It Forward

We are living in uncertainty, chaos, stressful environment, despair, modern world, and  busy in our daily jobs. Sometimes our focus is on things that would not matter at the end of this life. The distractions to keep ourselves to our personal ambitions and goals.

Pay it forward is an expression of your greatfullness of everyday blessings of life.

I encourage every investors and traders to do a "Pay it Forward Project", if you could help someone in a small little things then there will be a multiplier effect especially if you are going to do it with a total stranger.

I know it's awkward, I tried it this morning, I offered a total stranger on Zoom to pay for his bottle of water and hot dog sandwich because he does n't have a small change, I was rejected. I said to myself "It's Ok", at least I tried.

I remembered the free fundamental analysis that I was able to share with 180 Newbies my fundamental knowledge of stock market, at least with this one I succeed.(If you want a copy of recording kindly send me an email at

If you have time, watch this video and see the multiplier effect of Pay it Forward

You might want to help someone walk again, here is the facebook page

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I Ruiz

P.S. There will be a slight correction on our index as per technical readings, save a buying power. For those enrolled with NEWBIE Intensive Trading Course, kindly check the shared folder.

For those who wants to learn how to be a Newbie Trader, then the Newbie Intensive Trading Course is for you, here is the link for enrollment procedures :

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