Monday, 13 April 2015

How to set an entry point?

Entry point is a very important part of our journey in the stock market because it will determine if you are going to have a green and red portfolio.

Someone ask for my advice with regards to FNI, what entry point or when is the right time to buy?
The truth FNI is hit by the ban ore in Indonesia same as with NIKL, I gave a HOLD rating on it but of course, if you are a trader, sometimes  you take calculated risk:

Here is my discussion from a Newbie:

I told him to buy it below 2.10 based from my mathematical calculation on excel file. If the stock is hitting more than the said entry point, you stop buying.

How to calculate the potential gains??

This is same calculation on PAM PSE Tracker:

Now, the newbie friend got a 10% gains in just few weeks, I don't promise anything on my upcoming NEWBIE INTENSIVE TRADING PROGRAM but I will give my best to NEWBIES to understand the ART OF TRADING.

Many Newbies enrolled already, thank you for support.

Enrollment still open, kindly follow the link and procedures :

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

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