Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How to live a Rich Life??

We have a different ways of living a rich life. Rich life is like living a good life, providing for the needs of your families, helping others, doing the things you love, and glorifying your Heavenly Father.

Let's face the fact that money is also part of living a rich life but not a main factor. Financial stability will help you free from worries. This is part of our motivation that we are investing in the stock market. At the time of retirement, we can live a rich life, travel with our families and have a relaxing vacation, doing charity and spiritual works.


Eat at Expensive Restaurants:

Career Promotions:


I redefined my definition of Rich Life.

Today, I'm trying to help newbies in the stock market and change the experience of traders thru developing applications and promoting the local developers talent (Recently launched PSE Alert App) link

As a Newbie Mentor, my Rich Life definition is for my baby to be proud of his Father and live a lasting legacy in this field that I was able to help our Kababayan's in their journey to Financial Freedom.


For those who wants to learn the "Art of Trading", I will be doing a repeat of NEWBIE Intensive Trading Course, here is the procedures:

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. I will be sharing my strategy in building Passive Income thru Google Ads.

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