Wednesday, 22 April 2015

How to Earn Passive Income While Sleeping with your Baby?

Passive income should exceed your living expenses and support your freedom lifestyle. As per Robert Kiyosaki, "Escape the Rat Race or the 9 - 5 hours job".

I know creating money machines need commitments and focus, it will take time but I encourage you to do it on a sideline, then you will be spending most of your time with your family and kids.

Few samples of  Passive Income for the month of April:

1. Dividends from Stock . I keep collecting dividends by putting volume on those stocks that keep giving dividends.

2. Google Ads from Blogging and Apps

1030.23 NOK = 5718 PHP

3. 7 days rental income. Accumulate income generating assets only.

4. Teach others thru online platforms and sell ebooks.

40, 000 PHP

5. Invest on small business ventures. I will disclose this small businesses in the future post. 

Total Passive Income for April 2015 = 67 772.65 php

I did not include the income from trading stocks because I consider it as an Active Income and I minimize my trades this month of April due to slight correction in the market. 

Other financial instruments that I'm holding not included on the lists.

If you want to learn the "Art of Trading", please do enroll if you want to learn how to buy at a good entry point and how to collect gains and set a Target Price, follow the procedures on this link

Newbie feedbacks;

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz


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