Sunday, 26 April 2015

How to Earn 1 Million Pesos Passive Income from Real Estate?

Real estate investment is a unique investment that you cannot apply the way you invest in the stock market. This is an illiquid asssets that is not easy to match the ask and bid price compared to stocks that you can go in and out anytime.

If you followed my story, you will remember that I worked as a real estate broker, in this case I know the flowery words used by agents and marketing consultant of property companies such as:

"Low Downpayment or No Downpayment" = Meaning Higher Turnover Price
"Free Flight Return Ticket to the Philippines" = Part of their Percentage Commissions
"No Extra Fees during the Downpayment Amortization" = You will get killed in Interest, if  you take in house financing.
"We are going to assist your Bank and PAG-IBIG Loans" = Agents could disappear after the commission released. Sometimes if you did not meet the salary required for a specific loan , you will be force to sell it.
"Hidden Fees" = this is not discussed by the Agents because they are in a rush to close the deal.

Strategy to combat it:

1. Choose a trusted broker or ask for a member of your family.
2. Location, location.
3. Check the property developers credibility and past project.
4. Check your financial capability. This is a long term commitment, don't make a mistake.

If you don't have the financial capability then build your cashflows first like what I did:

The amount of cashflows from my commission in selling properties is more than 1M as per figure above dated until August 2014 and it was reinvested to buy a property:

Now, I currently earning from this property around 27k monthly:

My advice for potential property investors is to take a deeper look at your financial status, build your emergency funds, life and health insurance, invest on mutual funds or stocks and generate money thru passive income and once you have a proper cashflows then start your assignment to find a good location and trusted broker.

More tips on buying property on my next post.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

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