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How I turned 400k portfolio into 1 Million?

October 18, 2013

January 1, 2015

The portfolio above is an example of a position traders strategy. I was ask many times how I achieved that portfolio in the duration of 1 year. The port above is only one of my portfolios, I manage different accounts of friends and families, different style and strategy depending on their risk appetite.

I believed that every Filipinos should start taking steps to understand that our economy is going on the right direction. FDI value keeps increasing, inflation rates is maintained at a good rate of around 2 - 3%, government is trying to fight graft and corruptions, PPP and developments is on a right track.

How I turned the 400k into 1 M portfolio?

The answer is with PAM - P- Planning, A- Actions, and M- mindset.
P- Planning

Every time that I will buy a stock, I know my plans for it. What will be my strategy? Is it for long term or short term? What is the cut loss point and % gains (Target Price or Exit Point)?
The very important part of my planning is the entry point with my PAM Excel Formula:

A- Actions 

I watch the stocks closely and take actions very quick especially if the Target Price hits, this is the reason I launched the PSE Alert, I used this for almost 6 months before launching. There is no reason for me to forget my Target Price and collect my gains.

Download on Google Play on this link:

M- Mindset

Mental toughness, whether the stock goes down or up, I will stick to my plans. My mind is set already with my plans and alert with the target gains. I never had a negative mindset that my stock picks will goes down whether other technical experts showing their system and graphs. I don't make things complicated. I used Japanese candlesticks, PAM Tech indicators, Entry and Exit point calculations and volume (position sizing).

I hope you inspired by that portfolio, there are other strategies that I applied like pull back trading, ARC strategy and  value investing. I separate accounts for trading and investing (no mix of stocks).

I know you might be suffering from a red portfolios but proper training and applications of PAM Strategy will turnaround your bloody port.

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Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

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