Monday, 20 April 2015

Hidden Secrets of Investor and Trader in the Stock Market

Investors and Traders are two different types of personality in the stock market, they used different disciplines and techniques, fundamental for investors and technical for traders.

Truly Rich Club and PAM Rich Friends are two growing communities with different approach in the stock market. TRC follow a hidden rules thru SAM or Strategic Averaging Method or Peso Cost Averaging Method, 1.) They buy only giants, 2.) They buy lots of giants, 3) They buy small amounts every month, 4.) They buy even there's a crisis. Courtesy of Truly Rich Club, if you want to have a subscription to TRC, click this word to subscribe Truly Rich Club .

PAM Rich friends are position traders, they collect mid-term gains and separate long term stocks on other brokerage account. They used GTC or Good Till Cancelled Order so that they don't need to monitor their stocks everyday. They have a recommended stocks like SAM table which is called PAM Table researched by PAM Friends. They read technical graphs specifically thru Japanese Candlesticks and PAM Tech Indicators. If you want to be a part of this growing community, I encourage you to attend the upcoming webinar by Newbie Mentor to understand the Art of Trading, click this link for the procedures of enrollment .

Another important things to note is the tool used by the PAM Rich Friends which is the recently launched PSE Alert, for their stocks Alert Notification for Target Price

For Elite Traders of the stock market, you can subscribe to this amazing app for special features:

The app is suitable for those who don't want to monitor their brokerage account everyday, you can customized your ALERT Notification Ringing tone once you hit the set Target Price:

For full details on how to use the PSE Alert, please watch this you tube video :

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Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. The app helps PAM Rich Friends for their set Target Price to be notified any time of the day and showed impressive results during the testing period. If the app showed "Duplicate Error Authority", please uninstall PAM PSE Tracker, if you don't have plans to subscribe on premium of PSE Alert, I encourage you to stay with PAM PSE Tracker.

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