Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Harsh Truth

Let's face the harsh truth or hard facts that stock market is risky. Stock can goes up and down in a seconds, you can lose or win, hard earn money can be wipe or grow, reasons that why most financial advisors quote "Invest only the excess money that you can afford to lose".

I will agree that we should invest our excess money but it does n't mean we are going to lose it. A slight correction in the market will not push you away from this type of instrument. It should be your motivation to learn more and study hard.

This is a good example that a red stock could turn into green if you stick to your plans and create your own trading strategy.

Favor kindly calculate what should be the gains of 7200 shares PGOLD  as of today's current price, by the way you can use PAM PSE TRACKER in android.

They said that most Financial Gurus and Bloggers disappear during the red market but exclude your Newbie Mentor. I will be always here.

Thank you Newbie Enrollees for Support.

The enrollment fee goes to my projects in stock market field.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Registration Link sent to Newbie Enrollees. For those looking for mentor, please do enroll now and follow the procedures on this link: .

Sayang ang 5 -10% gains. Sayang kung Next Month pa kasi Enrollment fee will increase to 3000 pesos para sa payment ng Video Recording. Take Actions Now.

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