Pagbibigyan ko sagutin yung question ng Newbie sa blog na to, hindi ako talaga nagpopost with regards to this type of question after ng advice saka ko lang sinishare remember yung FNI na dapat ang entry point is below the calculated PAM Calculation:

Sagutin ko ang question muna sa magkahalo halong paraan mapafundamental or technical. 

DD hit the bottom support @ 7.80 last March 24 and hit resistance of 9.55 last March 27.

Where the Dragon's path?

The gap between the support and resistance is filling in the last 3 days, the price movement stays at 8.90 - 9.08. The Marubozu green candlestick with small upper shadows showing a signal of potential reversal.

Recommendation : Buy with a small sizing at 9 level.

Note: I don't have this stock on my portfolio at this moment.


The reason why this stock falls down due to panic selling after the earnings report last year 2014.
There are cases filed against DMCI with regards to their project nearby Luneta Park.

Showing a positive signal today. Potential entry point is below 14.50.

Recommendation: Accumulate thru Peso Cost Averaging for Long term.

Note: I sold this stock after I received the Dividends and planning to buy again.

For FGEN, I have this stock for long term. LOL..Newbies calculate the entry point that you learned from our http://www.newbie.ph/2015/03/newbies-intensive-trading-course.html

Disclaimer: For informational purposes only, potential gains will be shouldered by the readers.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

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