Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How to live a Rich Life??

We have a different ways of living a rich life. Rich life is like living a good life, providing for the needs of your families, helping others, doing the things you love, and glorifying your Heavenly Father.

Let's face the fact that money is also part of living a rich life but not a main factor. Financial stability will help you free from worries. This is part of our motivation that we are investing in the stock market. At the time of retirement, we can live a rich life, travel with our families and have a relaxing vacation, doing charity and spiritual works.


Eat at Expensive Restaurants:

Career Promotions:


I redefined my definition of Rich Life.

Today, I'm trying to help newbies in the stock market and change the experience of traders thru developing applications and promoting the local developers talent (Recently launched PSE Alert App) link

As a Newbie Mentor, my Rich Life definition is for my baby to be proud of his Father and live a lasting legacy in this field that I was able to help our Kababayan's in their journey to Financial Freedom.


For those who wants to learn the "Art of Trading", I will be doing a repeat of NEWBIE Intensive Trading Course, here is the procedures:

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. I will be sharing my strategy in building Passive Income thru Google Ads.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Live a Life of Breakthroughs

I believe that we have the power within inside us that we could create our own lifestyle, achieve our dreams, pursue our goals, impact others and live a righteous and wonderful life. God given us the chance to explore the beauty of this world and gave us the purpose of existence.

As we journey everyday we need to think if we are fulfilling our God's purpose. If you are not feeling happy and energetic everyday then you might follow the " Tony Robbins Live a Life Breakthrough Challenge":

1. Change your story. Your past decisions brought you where you are right now. We can always change our future story by making the right decisions, for example: You are currently working as a Manager of Restaurant but the degree that you are holding is Nursing, you might want to try to shift job(this scenario applies to most OFWs).

2. Change strategy. Many Pinoys are hooked by MLM companies believing that they could be rich and achieved financial freedom thru this recruitment scheme. I tried all of them but the problem, it might not fit you so better change your strategy. You might want to try putting up your own business.

3. Change your state. This includes your perception of yourself. Appreciate the things that you are good at and regain the confidence. Be proud of your past achievements. If you failed once, then you might want to fail a hundred times until you achieved the breakthrough life.

Newbie Mentor Breakthrough goal was achieved this month of April after launching the BEST APP in the Stock Market which is the PSE ALERT, please continuously support our local developers.
Click this link for downloads :

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz



If you followed my blog from the start, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know it's too much information on how to make money on the stock market and real estate that could give you passive income sources. Here is the 3 most popular posts :

Today, I want to share with you my strategy which I called LEAP Project to Million Pesos:

LEAP  means:

L for Learning
E for Earning
A for Asissting or Mentoring
P for Project Planning

Learning, a need to learn a specific field that you want to be an expert. In my case, I chose stock market and real estate, currently main focused is stock market. After learning the ins and outs in the stock market I was able to create my "Pull back Trading Strategy" .

Earning, after the learnings, it should be applied and money will follow especially if you are doing the things that you are passionate about.

Assistance, I would rather say mentoring . Sharing the knowledge and continuously inspire Newbies thru blogging and Newbie Youtube Channel. I also teach at PAM Academy: and launched my .

Project, project planning, After the launching of PSE Alert in Google Android, we are working on PSE Alert iOS. For those smartphone user who wants to download, here is the link

I'm wishing you a happy journey to millions.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz


Sunday, 26 April 2015

How to Earn 1 Million Pesos Passive Income from Real Estate?

Real estate investment is a unique investment that you cannot apply the way you invest in the stock market. This is an illiquid asssets that is not easy to match the ask and bid price compared to stocks that you can go in and out anytime.

If you followed my story, you will remember that I worked as a real estate broker, in this case I know the flowery words used by agents and marketing consultant of property companies such as:

"Low Downpayment or No Downpayment" = Meaning Higher Turnover Price
"Free Flight Return Ticket to the Philippines" = Part of their Percentage Commissions
"No Extra Fees during the Downpayment Amortization" = You will get killed in Interest, if  you take in house financing.
"We are going to assist your Bank and PAG-IBIG Loans" = Agents could disappear after the commission released. Sometimes if you did not meet the salary required for a specific loan , you will be force to sell it.
"Hidden Fees" = this is not discussed by the Agents because they are in a rush to close the deal.

Strategy to combat it:

1. Choose a trusted broker or ask for a member of your family.
2. Location, location.
3. Check the property developers credibility and past project.
4. Check your financial capability. This is a long term commitment, don't make a mistake.

If you don't have the financial capability then build your cashflows first like what I did:

The amount of cashflows from my commission in selling properties is more than 1M as per figure above dated until August 2014 and it was reinvested to buy a property:

Now, I currently earning from this property around 27k monthly:

My advice for potential property investors is to take a deeper look at your financial status, build your emergency funds, life and health insurance, invest on mutual funds or stocks and generate money thru passive income and once you have a proper cashflows then start your assignment to find a good location and trusted broker.

More tips on buying property on my next post.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. Congrats NEWBIES that attended my program. NIKL reversal and CROWN IPO.
I'm doing a repeat, please join me on this link:

Saturday, 25 April 2015

How I turned 400k portfolio into 1 Million?

October 18, 2013

January 1, 2015

The portfolio above is an example of a position traders strategy. I was ask many times how I achieved that portfolio in the duration of 1 year. The port above is only one of my portfolios, I manage different accounts of friends and families, different style and strategy depending on their risk appetite.

I believed that every Filipinos should start taking steps to understand that our economy is going on the right direction. FDI value keeps increasing, inflation rates is maintained at a good rate of around 2 - 3%, government is trying to fight graft and corruptions, PPP and developments is on a right track.

How I turned the 400k into 1 M portfolio?

The answer is with PAM - P- Planning, A- Actions, and M- mindset.
P- Planning

Every time that I will buy a stock, I know my plans for it. What will be my strategy? Is it for long term or short term? What is the cut loss point and % gains (Target Price or Exit Point)?
The very important part of my planning is the entry point with my PAM Excel Formula:

A- Actions 

I watch the stocks closely and take actions very quick especially if the Target Price hits, this is the reason I launched the PSE Alert, I used this for almost 6 months before launching. There is no reason for me to forget my Target Price and collect my gains.

Download on Google Play on this link:

M- Mindset

Mental toughness, whether the stock goes down or up, I will stick to my plans. My mind is set already with my plans and alert with the target gains. I never had a negative mindset that my stock picks will goes down whether other technical experts showing their system and graphs. I don't make things complicated. I used Japanese candlesticks, PAM Tech indicators, Entry and Exit point calculations and volume (position sizing).

I hope you inspired by that portfolio, there are other strategies that I applied like pull back trading, ARC strategy and  value investing. I separate accounts for trading and investing (no mix of stocks).

I know you might be suffering from a red portfolios but proper training and applications of PAM Strategy will turnaround your bloody port.

I would like to invite you for my upcoming NEWBIE INTENSIVE TRADING COURSE THE REPEAT, if you are interested to learn deeper, please join me and invest on knowledge that you could use for a lifetime. Click this word for further details : 1 MILLION .

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

Friday, 24 April 2015

Defining Success

Merriam Webster dictionary defined success as the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame : the correct or desired result of an attempt. 

It means something different to everyone. It could be owning a mansion or dream house, purchasing a dream car, having a certain amount of money in the bank, staying at only five-star hotels at a holiday, and providing enough for family, or accomplishing big dream are few ways people define success.

My definition of success is living a life free of worries everyday, helping others thru small ways, spending time with families and friends, making a small impact and teaching others on Financial literacy. I did not include the definition of spiritual success (I'm working on my spirtiuality).

My recent successes:


I'm doing a repeat due to massive requests, please join :

I think, they already recovered the fees of enrollment from my stock recommendations.


Hitting 1000 downloads in 4 days, please if you don't have it yet, here is the link :

The most important of all, I'm now a Certified NEWBIE FATHER :

I would not be able to achieve my successes in the stock market field without the help of 40 000 newbie readers of this blog and the guidance of Almighty God.





"Nothing Will Work Unless You Do"

by  Maya Angelou

Taking actions should be a task given to every Pinoys in the field of investment. Only 1% of Philippine population invested in stock market. This shows that only few are risk takers and most are afraid to take the challenge to path of financial freedom.

A maid that invest in the stock market, a janitor, fishball stand owner, charcoal vendor that opened their minds to this field of investment. Those individuals showed that ordinary Pinoys can start their journey in stock market.

I encourage you to strive hard and share with your families and friends that stock market is another field that will lead you to financially free life. Of course, this only applies to those willing to commit themselves to learning journey.

I personally helping newbies in this field and opening my Newbie Intensive Trading Course to everyone even without background in economics and finance, if you want to learn the "Art of Trading" and how to buy stocks at a good entry point, please enroll to my upcoming repeat of NEWBIE Intensive Trading Course.

Here is the link : .

Take Actions and Enjoy the Gains of a Lifetime.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz


Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Pagbibigyan ko sagutin yung question ng Newbie sa blog na to, hindi ako talaga nagpopost with regards to this type of question after ng advice saka ko lang sinishare remember yung FNI na dapat ang entry point is below the calculated PAM Calculation:

Sagutin ko ang question muna sa magkahalo halong paraan mapafundamental or technical. 

DD hit the bottom support @ 7.80 last March 24 and hit resistance of 9.55 last March 27.

Where the Dragon's path?

The gap between the support and resistance is filling in the last 3 days, the price movement stays at 8.90 - 9.08. The Marubozu green candlestick with small upper shadows showing a signal of potential reversal.

Recommendation : Buy with a small sizing at 9 level.

Note: I don't have this stock on my portfolio at this moment.


The reason why this stock falls down due to panic selling after the earnings report last year 2014.
There are cases filed against DMCI with regards to their project nearby Luneta Park.

Showing a positive signal today. Potential entry point is below 14.50.

Recommendation: Accumulate thru Peso Cost Averaging for Long term.

Note: I sold this stock after I received the Dividends and planning to buy again.

For FGEN, I have this stock for long term. LOL..Newbies calculate the entry point that you learned from our

Disclaimer: For informational purposes only, potential gains will be shouldered by the readers.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz


How to Earn Passive Income While Sleeping with your Baby?

Passive income should exceed your living expenses and support your freedom lifestyle. As per Robert Kiyosaki, "Escape the Rat Race or the 9 - 5 hours job".

I know creating money machines need commitments and focus, it will take time but I encourage you to do it on a sideline, then you will be spending most of your time with your family and kids.

Few samples of  Passive Income for the month of April:

1. Dividends from Stock . I keep collecting dividends by putting volume on those stocks that keep giving dividends.

2. Google Ads from Blogging and Apps

1030.23 NOK = 5718 PHP

3. 7 days rental income. Accumulate income generating assets only.

4. Teach others thru online platforms and sell ebooks.

40, 000 PHP

5. Invest on small business ventures. I will disclose this small businesses in the future post. 

Total Passive Income for April 2015 = 67 772.65 php

I did not include the income from trading stocks because I consider it as an Active Income and I minimize my trades this month of April due to slight correction in the market. 

Other financial instruments that I'm holding not included on the lists.

If you want to learn the "Art of Trading", please do enroll if you want to learn how to buy at a good entry point and how to collect gains and set a Target Price, follow the procedures on this link

Newbie feedbacks;

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz


Monday, 20 April 2015

Hidden Secrets of Investor and Trader in the Stock Market

Investors and Traders are two different types of personality in the stock market, they used different disciplines and techniques, fundamental for investors and technical for traders.

Truly Rich Club and PAM Rich Friends are two growing communities with different approach in the stock market. TRC follow a hidden rules thru SAM or Strategic Averaging Method or Peso Cost Averaging Method, 1.) They buy only giants, 2.) They buy lots of giants, 3) They buy small amounts every month, 4.) They buy even there's a crisis. Courtesy of Truly Rich Club, if you want to have a subscription to TRC, click this word to subscribe Truly Rich Club .

PAM Rich friends are position traders, they collect mid-term gains and separate long term stocks on other brokerage account. They used GTC or Good Till Cancelled Order so that they don't need to monitor their stocks everyday. They have a recommended stocks like SAM table which is called PAM Table researched by PAM Friends. They read technical graphs specifically thru Japanese Candlesticks and PAM Tech Indicators. If you want to be a part of this growing community, I encourage you to attend the upcoming webinar by Newbie Mentor to understand the Art of Trading, click this link for the procedures of enrollment .

Another important things to note is the tool used by the PAM Rich Friends which is the recently launched PSE Alert, for their stocks Alert Notification for Target Price

For Elite Traders of the stock market, you can subscribe to this amazing app for special features:

The app is suitable for those who don't want to monitor their brokerage account everyday, you can customized your ALERT Notification Ringing tone once you hit the set Target Price:

For full details on how to use the PSE Alert, please watch this you tube video :

Thank you for giving 5 Star Ratings, it will encourage our local developer to do more.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. The app helps PAM Rich Friends for their set Target Price to be notified any time of the day and showed impressive results during the testing period. If the app showed "Duplicate Error Authority", please uninstall PAM PSE Tracker, if you don't have plans to subscribe on premium of PSE Alert, I encourage you to stay with PAM PSE Tracker.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Newbie Intensive Trading Course ..The Next Level

I know, you probably missed the Newbie Intensive Trading Course because of your busy schedule or you don't want to commit to learning new trading strategy, or might be you suffered from trauma of red portfolio.

Now, I would like to invite you for NEWBIE INTENSIVE TRADING COURSE NEXT LEVEL.

What are the new lessons to learn?

It will be 3 days lesson, the first 2 days will focus on the stock market and how to trade:

Sample slide that will be part of discussion:

I decided to include and have an extra 1 day lesson on:

*  Fundamental Analysis on how to invest like Sir Warren Buffet.

100% gains as a Value Investor

*  How to start and earn from blogging?

It will be 3 days lesson,  July 4, 11, and 18 every Saturday, 9:30 AM, Manila Time.

The good news, it will be ONLINE, you can be everywhere with your electronic device with good WIFI connections.

How much is the investment fee?


How to PAY?

Remittance or Deposit to the Newbie Mentor Bank Account:

After the payment is made: Send Scan Copy to

Registration Link will be send to your EMAIL.


Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. I would like to thank the previous attendees and most of them gave a amazing feedbacks:

Any electronic devices such as iPhone,Smartphone,iPad, Desktop are required and strong internet connection.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Harsh Truth

Let's face the harsh truth or hard facts that stock market is risky. Stock can goes up and down in a seconds, you can lose or win, hard earn money can be wipe or grow, reasons that why most financial advisors quote "Invest only the excess money that you can afford to lose".

I will agree that we should invest our excess money but it does n't mean we are going to lose it. A slight correction in the market will not push you away from this type of instrument. It should be your motivation to learn more and study hard.

This is a good example that a red stock could turn into green if you stick to your plans and create your own trading strategy.

Favor kindly calculate what should be the gains of 7200 shares PGOLD  as of today's current price, by the way you can use PAM PSE TRACKER in android.

They said that most Financial Gurus and Bloggers disappear during the red market but exclude your Newbie Mentor. I will be always here.

Thank you Newbie Enrollees for Support.

The enrollment fee goes to my projects in stock market field.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Registration Link sent to Newbie Enrollees. For those looking for mentor, please do enroll now and follow the procedures on this link: .

Sayang ang 5 -10% gains. Sayang kung Next Month pa kasi Enrollment fee will increase to 3000 pesos para sa payment ng Video Recording. Take Actions Now.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Protect yourself from Hypers and Bashers

How to Protect Yourself from Hypers and Bashers?

3 Important Advice:
1. Do your own assignment.
2. Don't press the buy button until a good entry point is hit.
3. Check the stocks volume and technical indicators.

First rule, During your school days, teacher always gave an assignment and you always followed because if not you will not probably get your diploma. The motivation is to get a diploma after years of hardwork and study. This same scenario applies to your journey in the stock market but the motivation is to achieve financial freedom. In this battlefield, your brighter future is at stake so better to do your own assignment which is to research a stock and study the potential return in the future.

Second rule, If you are a trader, then you are applying different technical analysis strategy in picking the right entry point, it could be support and resistance, oversold and overbought condition, different reversal patterns etc. etc. This upcoming NEWBIE INTENSIVE TRADING COURSE newbies will learn a simple mathematical formula that they could use in their everyday trading life .

If the stock hits below 4.61, then it is a potential buy, more examples on NEWBIE Intensive Trading Course.

Third rule, If you are a trader then check the volume of transactions to confirm the directions of the trend and add an indicator.

Now, you can make a decision.

Thank you for NEWBIE enrollees.

Enrollment is until today, kindly click this link and follow the procedures:

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. I hope you followed my recommendation with NIKL.

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