Saturday, 14 March 2015


I'm not going to give the definition of active and passive income because financial bloggers discussed it many times.What I would like to do is to share my results and real life transactions.

If you followed this blog, you knew my story and there is no need for me to repeat all over again. I have this dream to become the King of Passive Income and a blueprint of an entrepreneur that earning while sleeping. (Don't worry hindi ako magpapamaypay ng Cash o Magpapakita ng Magandang Sasakyan).

I believed in "You Reap What You Sow".

4 different sources thru ads, rental income, sales commission and stock market trading:

Blogging Ads / App :

Exchange Rate 5.40 pesos per 1 Nok

Total 1726.26 NOK = 9332.10

Condo Rental

Exchange Rate USD 44.36 pesos per 1 $

Total 496 $  = 22 005.18

Sales Commission

Total 19 562.00 pesos

Stock Market

Blogging Ads   =       9332.10
Rental Income =     22 005.18
Sales Comm    =     19 562.00
Stock Market  =    206 660.00

Total Passive Income  =  257 559.26

For purposes of privacy, there are other passive income sources that I did not disclose because I was n't able to recover the invested capital yet but on track with my goals.

How about you?

Feel free to share your sources of Passive Income. 

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz
King of Passive Income

P.S. There are other transactions in my trading account that was not included on this disclosure. There is no MLM on my passive income portfolio. The time span of transactions was 4 months. PAM PSE Tracker App earnings not included on the list, if you have extras please do upgrade, here is the link  .


  1. nabenta mo na ba PX mo? 7.86/share na lang ang PX ngayon. January 2015 sya huling nag9.40/share. Kung hindi mo nabenta ay paper loss ka pa sa PX ng about P20K

  2. Those stock positions are sold and gains will not be considered as passive income unless you collect them.

  3. Sir jonathan,

    Can you state how you started each source of income? How much capital you invested each source? Regarding sa stock, is that short-term? Ilang months lang ba yan from accumulation to harvest?


  4. i do not consider blogging, sales and stock a passive income. no one will visit your blog if you do not write good articles regularly. to do this you must really exert time and effort. you have to market or advertise also your blog. the same with sales. you can't sell an item sitting down. you have to talk to people or market your product. then again you have to exert effort and time. if you want to be passive in stock market, you have to be long term investor and you must be good in selecting your stocks. otherwise you will end up losing your money instead of having a passive income.


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