Wednesday, 25 March 2015

5 Reasons Why you cannot Retire Early??

Most of people that I met in my travel, they are dreaming of retiring early and dream to do the things they loved like spend more time with families and friends, travelling around the world, enjoy movies and concerts,building their own businesses.

How about you? How much money do you need monthly to retire early? 

Most of advice from our parents when we are young. Study,get a degree,work in a corporate world,get married,buy a house and a car,save money on the bank,raise your kids and retire after 25 years.

What about changing the path?

Study, get a degree, travel and build experience on the streets, start your own business, marry your first love, create a passive income, invest on financial instruments and build a retirement account, prepare for your kids education, enjoy life and retire early after 10 years.

There are reasons why you cannot retire early and I would like to lay out few of those reasons that holding you back.

First, you cannot retire early because you only have one source of income which is your current employment. Afraid to start your own business even you have the capital.

Second, you forgot to build savings and investments and does n't have a pension fund for your retirement.

Third, your cost of living is too high and your paycheck is not enough to cover your lifestyle. Mortgages and credit card bills are piling. You continuously building liabilities instead of accumulating income generating assets.

Fourth, you are not committed to your retirement plan and depending only on a government pension plan. SSS pension will not be enough to cover your monthly expenses 25 years from now due to inflation rates.

Fifth, "Bahala Na Attitude", It's ok not to prepare for it "I'm still young so I can spend money for concert like 1 D concert. If you have this mentalitly, I guarantee to see you at the age of 70 still working to support the needs of your family and yourself.

Plan for your retirment.

Feel free to share your preparation plans for early retirement.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz

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For those that will not be able to attend there will be a recording of webinar.

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