Wednesday, 11 March 2015

300K turned 4 Million Pesos

If you are newbie in investing field and wondering which financial instrument to pick,then mutual funds will be a great choice. You don’t need to worry about managing your portfolio because professional fund managers will take charge of making your money grow. A service charge or fee will be deducted from your investment.


How do Mutual Fund Works?

Can you make millions in Mutual Fund investment?
An inspiration to every investor, the Mutual Fund king, Alfonso Gonzales turned 300k into more than 4 Million Pesos:

As per my conversation, it hits 4.18 million from Friday closing 6/03/2015.

For Mutual Funds Performance updates:

Again, past performance does not guarantee the future.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz

P.S. Thank you Sir Alfonso for being an inspiration to everyone.

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