Friday, 6 March 2015

180k Emgoldex vs 200k Exit Gains Stock Market

Emgoldex is the famous online store of gold bars where you can buy and sell. It was established in Munich, Germany in year 2008. It already spreading worldwide and some countries banned this company.

One of their biggest way to encourage investors is thru the increased value of Gold of 600%  in the past years and decades. Addition to that is their Emgoldex Marketing Program, that you could earn as much as 360 000 pesos once completed the requirements, 36 500 php pre-payment for 15 gr of gold bar and online account, and the referral program.

Recruit 8 new members to join in the program, the Level 1 available position will be filled. The new members will do the same and recruit. You will received exit gains of 180k as a bonus reward.

Once you completed the level 1 then you moved to the next table of orders, in this case all the recruited members in your first level will work for you and complete their Level 1. If all the 8 members completed the cycle then you move to level 4 there will be an additional 180k. This will happen in the duration of 3-6 months as their promise that they will help you.

This is the most attractive part of the presentation.

If you cannot avail to invest 36500 php, they made a promo of
A promise of more than 500% gains.

SEC issues warning for Emgoldex. This is very clear that you don't invest if there is no registration in your country. No proper registration. High yield returns without working hard. Greed is the main reason why Pinoys fall on this type of investment because they want to achieve financial freedom thru shortcut and greed flows in their blood.

The requirements for an investment SCAM completed by EMGOLDEX.

Please don't hook by this type of investment. If you really want to trade gold then go to commodities market and do it yourself.

I like this comment by  Randell Tiongson , No Non Sense Personal Finance Author,

I do agree with him, most of the Pinoys scared investing in the financial instruments because of high risks especially in the stock market. I would like to show you my Exit Gains in the Stock Market to inspire and divert your attention to investing:
MAX Gains

Bloom Gains 

Cosco Gains

PX Gains

Total Gains of =  206, 660 PHP

Stock Market is risky, but there are many investing and trading system to apply. How about you? Do you have a trading or investing techniques?

Feel Free to share.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. If you want to join a mastermind group in the stock market, Click this word Financial Freedom .
Newbie Mentor moved to UAE, I'll be going around Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai etc. etc. to teach Financial Literacy for FREEEEE!!! First stop is tonight Al Ain, UAE.


  1. Bt n try mo na ba mg invest sa emgoldex?? Bat mo nsasabi ganyan? Ako ma try ko na sucess nmn, dat pag promote ka wala na siraan lalu na kung di mo pa nasubukan, ngyun bagu ka mo nasabi scam dat may prove ka shonga!!

    1. Sa marketing plan palang ng emgoldex kita mo na, na scam, anung proof pa gusto mo? John buluran?...

    2. Sa marketing plan palang ng emgoldex kita mo na, na scam, anung proof pa gusto mo? John buluran?...

    3. Iba ang alam sa naintindihan... halatang hindi naintindihan ang behind emgoldex. just one thing, saan scam ka nakakita na when you fail in their marketing program then your money will give back to you.

      WALANG LUGI Hindi ba? pero bakit ka mag iinvest kung hindi mo rin lang gagawin di ba? If you can't find 2persons to enter the program then emgoldex will give it back your money. Saan ang sCaM dun? kaysa sa ibang MLM company na kapag nag-invest ka, maibabalik pa ba ang pera mo? Ofcourse not!!!

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