Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Albert Einstein was on a train. He couldn't find his ticket after searching through all his pockets and bags. The conductor approached him and said something to the effect of , "Dr. Einstein, everyone knows who you are. We know that Princeton can afford to buy you another ticket."

To which Einstein replied with something along the lines of ," I'm not worried about the Money. I need to find the ticket to figure out where I'm going."

The story was taken from the art of start up book by Guy Kawasaki.

Many times, once you achieve a certain level of success in your career, relationships, and finances, you never stop searching and looking for more success. Main reason why there are many Pinoy OFWs with professional backgrounds that are leaving the country to find a better fortune abroad. Let's face the truth that almost 98%, trade for money and higher salary compared working in our home country. They also trade off the precious time with their kids 7th birthday, graduation, wedding anniversary etc. etc.

Sometimes, we lose sight of our ticket and focus too much on money. We should keep our promises and dreams to give a better future to our kids and families but never put money as our first priority.

"If you know where you going, money will follow".

For Pinoy OFWs, I want to see you one day with your wife and kids spending time walking on the beach. A sign that you already achieved "Financial Freedom".

Sincerely yours,


P.S. If you don't know how to start investing, the NEWBIE Book is available at this link; Financial Freedom .

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