Monday, 23 February 2015

Click Moments

Do you have a click moments in your life?

Click Moments are unexpected yet defining moments in time.Franz Johansson.

The moment you accepted a job offer, the time you met your first love and got married later, visa approved to Italy instead of UAE,  and the time you open a stock broker account and made millions.

There are many click moments in your life that could lead to your success. Curiosity and seizing the opportunity in every unpredictable adventures can lead you to  a click moment.

How about click moments in the stock market?

Is it the graph that someone posted and enlighten you to invest on that specific stock?
Is the enrollment on an academy or subscription letter?
Is it the advice given to you by an insider friend?

The truth everything in the stock market is a click moment, a click to a red or green stock, gains or loss,bear or bull, losers or winners.

How to Pick your Click Moments in the Stock Market:

1. Good News

2. Dividends

3. Technical Analysis - Applicable to Traders.
If you are part of PAM Academy we recommended MRC and now moving to more than 20%, Congrats PAMers.

Life is exciting and full of surprises. Find your click moments.

Feel free to share your click moments.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I, Ruiz

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