Wednesday, 18 February 2015


I know many keep asking for an updates with CPG. Many investors and traders are disappointed with it's movement. Many are still holding it on a bloody mode. Many good news and bad news happened in the past. I still believe that there is a room for growth with this company.

COLs Fair Valuation of Property Companies:.

CPG and FLI are left behind. ALI, SMPH and MEG gave a good amount of percentage gains (20% more). 

What is happening with this stock? At this moment, I could not see any catalyst and it's not crowd's favorite. 

The latest press release with CPG:

For Technical Analysis:

The graph showing a downtrend movement to a good entry point in which possible to accumulate for long term target. This will continue to move on sideways unless there will be a catalyst. Let's wait for the earnings report.

Recommendation : Buy below the .90 level.

Why the title of this stock is A LOVE STORY with CPG?
I met my wife while working with CPG as a Marketing Director in Scandinavia 3 years ago and I shared with her a unit in AZURE Urban Resort Residences. Click here my unit for rent

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz
Newbie Mentor

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