Thursday, 12 February 2015

10 Attitudes that will help you Succeed in Life

Why are some people successful and others are not? One factor will be "ATTITUDE". Sometimes we don't give any concerns on how we approach life and as saying goes "Go with the flow".

There's nothing really bad on changing our attitude and adapt on our environment. We easily get disappointed, if things don't go in our way. Stock goes down, job termination, unsuccessful board exam, the weather is bad etc..etc.. There are things that we would not be able to control, the solutions will be to change our attitude.

Here are the 10 attitudes to approach life:

1. Be courageous. We have fears in life but we need to be courageous to overcome them. For us to succeed in this journey, we should have the courage to step to unknown territory. If we fail on something then get up and fail again.
Col Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe was rejected 1009 times before a restaurant accepted it.

2. Believe in yourself. I don't want to elaborate on this part, "IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ON YOURSELF, WHO WILLLLLLLLLLLLLL?

3. Have a PAM  attitude. Planning , Actions and Mindset. Plan your future, take actions on your plans, and have a positive mindset that it will be a reality.

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4.  Have a driven purpose. Our attitude should push us to our purpose. What is your purpose in life? I know, many people still looking and searching their real purpose in life, remember this advice from Newbie Mentor  "Make an impact, Be an inspiration, and Give Love".

5. Acceptance. We should have an attitude of acceptance. We need to accept that we are human that can commit mistakes every single day. We need to accept that others could hurt us. We need to accept that every human being is unique and different. We don't need to expect good things from the people around us, instead expect that you could do good things to those around you.

6. Mindfulness. This relates to living on the moment. Being aware of what is happening around you and staying in touch on your present situation. Every moment will be a past and that precious moment would not come back. Your son's 7th b-day, daughter's graduation, Father's day..etc..etc.. Be mindful before you whisper the word "REGRETS".

7. Be a risk taker. There is what we called calculated risks, calculate the risks that you want to take. Applicable to your investment choices. career choice, path to take etc..etc. ..There will be no reward, if there is no risks. Ex. Savings account = No risks at all.

8. Be loving. Love those people that surrounds you, they contributed a lot to where you are right now. Say "I love you" even it's awkward. I remember this words from a man that lost her mother "I WISH THERE IS A LINE IN HEAVEN SO I CAN MAKE A PHONE CALL TO MY MOM".

9. Invest on yourself. "Per non lavorare tutta la vita, deve investire a tuoi stessi". If you don't want to work forever then invest on yourself. You need to develop and maximize your full potential.

10. Gratitude. Count your blessings everyday. There are many things to be greatful for this life. 44 SAF heroes died on last misencounter, and probably every minute and seconds someone is dying due to conflicts of war. Be greatful that you are still here reading this blog. 

Kindly whisper a prayer to Fallen 44 and victims of conflict.

Feel free to share your attitude to succeed in life.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz

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