Friday, 27 February 2015

That Thing Called Tadhana

Tadhana - Destiny, marami ang naniniwala sa destiny na baka bukas mameet mo na ang first love mo, na baka bukas tumama ka na sa lotto, bukas darating na ang promotions, at maaring bukas iba na ang iyong Tadhana.

Minsan hindi mo talaga alam kung ano ang gagawin at gusto mo lang sumunod sa tadhana. Maaring ang tadhana ang magdadala sa lugar kung saan may naghihintay.
Kung Mahal Mo, Habulin Mo!! That Thing Called Tadhana

Hindi ko rin mailayo ang sarili ko sa istorya ng "That Thing Called Tadhana" , nakilala ko ang wife ko habang naghihintay siya ng train at 15 minutes na lang boarding na, ang palipat-lipat ko ng ibat ibang lugar mula sa Pilipinas, Singapore, Rome, London, Oslo, Bergen at ngayon naman ay dadalhin ako sa United Arab Emirates, ang tadhana ko na bilang isang Dishwasher na ngayon ay Finance Blogger, ang aking Baby Athena na masisilayan na ang kagandahan ng mundo...Those things can be called Tadhana pero para sa akin ito ay "God's Divine Plan for my Life"
Sa larangan ng Investment ay iba't iba rin ang Tadhana ng bawat Newbie Investors and Traders ngunit isa lang naman ang nais nating lahat ito ay ang "Financial Freedom". Ang pangarap na makita ang magandang bukas na naghihintay sa ating pamilya.

Ikaw na hanap mo na ba ang iyong "That Thing Called Tadhana"?

Feel free to share "That Thing Called Investment".

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz
Newbie Mentor

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

5 Principles in Building Wealth

There are many ways to build wealth and principles that we could learn from gurus. Sir Warren Buffet build wealth thru value investing in the stock market, Sir Richard Branson build wealth thru building the Virgin brands and diversifying in different businesses, Mark Zuckerberg build wealth thru friendships and socialization by means of Facebook and Sir Steve Jobs build wealth thru innovations by introducing unique products in Apple.

Here are  5 Newbie Mentor Principles:

1. Invest in yourself. You. Educating yourself and continuously learning everyday will lead you to self-improvement and might give you promotions. Studying higher education can give you an advantage in the future. Click here for my business school adventure Hult Life . 

2. Live less but do More. Living simply. You don't need to buy a new car, a condo, a new gadgets thru piling up your debts and mortgages. Don't keep up with Joneses. Delay gratification and work hard so next month you have extra money for watching movies and rewarding yourself.

3. Find extras. Extra income. Overtime. Freelancing or it could be a new blog that will give extra income thru Google Ads. this extra income could give you extra buying power.
Equivalent to 8544.76 pesos

4. Prepare your bigger goals.Think a bigger picture of yourself. Achieving your 1st million pesos, starting your food cart business,going home after 20 years of working abroad, and retirement in front of your beach house.

5. Prepare for Future Challenges. Life will be boring without challenges. Facing the challenge will be part of your journey in building wealth.There is an abundance wealth waiting for everyone of us. GO GET IT.

Feel Free to Share your Principles in Building Wealth.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I, Ruiz

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Monday, 23 February 2015

Click Moments

Do you have a click moments in your life?

Click Moments are unexpected yet defining moments in time.Franz Johansson.

The moment you accepted a job offer, the time you met your first love and got married later, visa approved to Italy instead of UAE,  and the time you open a stock broker account and made millions.

There are many click moments in your life that could lead to your success. Curiosity and seizing the opportunity in every unpredictable adventures can lead you to  a click moment.

How about click moments in the stock market?

Is it the graph that someone posted and enlighten you to invest on that specific stock?
Is the enrollment on an academy or subscription letter?
Is it the advice given to you by an insider friend?

The truth everything in the stock market is a click moment, a click to a red or green stock, gains or loss,bear or bull, losers or winners.

How to Pick your Click Moments in the Stock Market:

1. Good News

2. Dividends

3. Technical Analysis - Applicable to Traders.
If you are part of PAM Academy we recommended MRC and now moving to more than 20%, Congrats PAMers.

Life is exciting and full of surprises. Find your click moments.

Feel free to share your click moments.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I, Ruiz

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Friday, 20 February 2015

4 R's of Value Investing

If you are newbies in the field of investing, you might want to create your steps to pick a winning stocks. There is an excitement to jump without checking if there is a potential upside and returns in the future. We need to be careful because stock market is risky but it does n't necessarily mean to stay away in this risky investment.

Here are the 4 R's of Value Investing:
1. Research.
2. ROE - Return On Equity.
3. Remind.
4. Recollect.

First. Research. Research. Check the plans and expansion of the company. Do they have a competitive advantage? "Magtatagal ba ang company na ito? Example: Meralco- main product electricity, "Naalala ko pa ang Econ 101 Professor ko at sabi nya nabili ang MER sa halagang 2 pesos lamang" at ipinamana nya sa apo ang stock na ito. MWC "hanggat gusto mo maligo hindi mawawala ang company na ito".

Second. Return On Equity. This is important to know. Check the earnings report of the company on PSE edge. This is basic metrics to evaluate a company's stock. Here is the formula:


High growth companies should have a higher ROE.

Third. Remind. Remind yourself to collect gains once hit the Target Price. At the time you bought the stock, set a target percentage gains(if you are using PAM PSE Tracker premium version, in My Portfolio tab , you can input your Target Price) . If you consider yourself a value investor then you should not sell in a short period of time. Stick to your target.

Fourth. Recollect. Recollect another form of bonus which is DIVIDENDS. Make sure that the chosen company is consistently giving dividends. Dividends distribution is a sign of healthy company. You are waiting not only the set target gains but also the potential Cash Dividends, Stock Dividends or Property Dividends.

Keep investing.

Feel free to share your 4 R's.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I, Ruiz

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015


I know many keep asking for an updates with CPG. Many investors and traders are disappointed with it's movement. Many are still holding it on a bloody mode. Many good news and bad news happened in the past. I still believe that there is a room for growth with this company.

COLs Fair Valuation of Property Companies:.

CPG and FLI are left behind. ALI, SMPH and MEG gave a good amount of percentage gains (20% more). 

What is happening with this stock? At this moment, I could not see any catalyst and it's not crowd's favorite. 

The latest press release with CPG:

For Technical Analysis:

The graph showing a downtrend movement to a good entry point in which possible to accumulate for long term target. This will continue to move on sideways unless there will be a catalyst. Let's wait for the earnings report.

Recommendation : Buy below the .90 level.

Why the title of this stock is A LOVE STORY with CPG?
I met my wife while working with CPG as a Marketing Director in Scandinavia 3 years ago and I shared with her a unit in AZURE Urban Resort Residences. Click here my unit for rent

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz
Newbie Mentor

P.S. This is another source of Passive Income monthly.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

How to Set a Target Price?

How to set a Target Price?

Famous questions on different forums " Pwede na po ba ang 10k gains?, Icollect ko na po ba ang 30% gains ko kay X? Ano po sa tingin nyo ifollow ko ba ang recommendation ni COL?. Those questions can be answer by different concepts in investing and trading. I have my own ways in setting the target price :

First: Check the time you bought the stock and potential upsides from brokers recommendation ex. If I bought COSCO last year @ 7.50 entry point and the brokers recommendation Fair Value is 12 then at the current level I will not touch or sell it.
Before you buy a stock, you should know the time frame. If you consider yourself as a Value investor then you are doing buy and hold strategy, as per financial advisors most of their recommendations is to do PCA method or Peso Cost Averaging Method, this works if you picked a fundamentally sound company.

Second: Positioning, If I bought a stock for the purposes of trading then it is easier for me to buy or sell. I don't look at fundamentals or fair valuation of the company. Candlesticks charting and indicators applies in this scenario.  A good example of this is PX,

Here is a borrowed graph from PAM Academy on the day it was recommended to buy, and announced to collect after 10% gains @ 9 level before the pullback:

For short term target gains, I used to collect at more than 10% , if there is a volume and continuous hype, I kept them until 20%.  I sold at a good amount of gains.

Third: Taste. We have different taste of gains. "Baka 10% or 20% ay pwede na kasi you are richer na ng 10% or 20%". Sometimes, greedyness can lead to IPITness. Again, taste also differs from the position you are holding or capital allocated.

Everything falls back to your PAM- Planning, Actions and Mindset.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I, Ruiz

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines Treat from PAM Academy

Many are asking questions on how to be a member of PAM, the truth we are not an exclusive group of traders, the academy is open to everyone who wants to learn the art of trading thru different PAM-payamang strategies.

What are the benefits of being a member?

You will have an access to our resources 24/7  such as module lessons:

PAM Ebooks:

Ms. PAM updates with her ARC Strategy:

PAM Table:

Be a member of PAM Chat official room:

Be up to date with the latest PAM Calendar of Events:

If you don't have a place to go and looking for a mastermind group, PAM Academy is waiting for you to take actions. Click FINANCIAL FREEDOM .

As part of our Valentines treat, we have our promotions for enrollment,

Here is the procedures:
1. Decide the enrollment package:
 a.  Monthly subscription of 500 pesos.
 b.  Quarterly subscription of 1200 pesos.
 c.   Half year subscription of 2100 pesos.
 d.   One year subscription of  3600 pesos.

2. Deposit your enrollment fee to Newbie Mentor Bank Account:
or PAYPAL Account.

3. Send receipts to and .

4. Sign up to this link PAM Academy .

5. Welcome to PAM Academy.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz
Newbie Mentor

Thursday, 12 February 2015

10 Attitudes that will help you Succeed in Life

Why are some people successful and others are not? One factor will be "ATTITUDE". Sometimes we don't give any concerns on how we approach life and as saying goes "Go with the flow".

There's nothing really bad on changing our attitude and adapt on our environment. We easily get disappointed, if things don't go in our way. Stock goes down, job termination, unsuccessful board exam, the weather is bad etc..etc.. There are things that we would not be able to control, the solutions will be to change our attitude.

Here are the 10 attitudes to approach life:

1. Be courageous. We have fears in life but we need to be courageous to overcome them. For us to succeed in this journey, we should have the courage to step to unknown territory. If we fail on something then get up and fail again.
Col Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe was rejected 1009 times before a restaurant accepted it.

2. Believe in yourself. I don't want to elaborate on this part, "IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ON YOURSELF, WHO WILLLLLLLLLLLLLL?

3. Have a PAM  attitude. Planning , Actions and Mindset. Plan your future, take actions on your plans, and have a positive mindset that it will be a reality.

Kindly download PAM PSE Tracker on google play for monitoring your stocks. Here is the link 

4.  Have a driven purpose. Our attitude should push us to our purpose. What is your purpose in life? I know, many people still looking and searching their real purpose in life, remember this advice from Newbie Mentor  "Make an impact, Be an inspiration, and Give Love".

5. Acceptance. We should have an attitude of acceptance. We need to accept that we are human that can commit mistakes every single day. We need to accept that others could hurt us. We need to accept that every human being is unique and different. We don't need to expect good things from the people around us, instead expect that you could do good things to those around you.

6. Mindfulness. This relates to living on the moment. Being aware of what is happening around you and staying in touch on your present situation. Every moment will be a past and that precious moment would not come back. Your son's 7th b-day, daughter's graduation, Father's day..etc..etc.. Be mindful before you whisper the word "REGRETS".

7. Be a risk taker. There is what we called calculated risks, calculate the risks that you want to take. Applicable to your investment choices. career choice, path to take etc..etc. ..There will be no reward, if there is no risks. Ex. Savings account = No risks at all.

8. Be loving. Love those people that surrounds you, they contributed a lot to where you are right now. Say "I love you" even it's awkward. I remember this words from a man that lost her mother "I WISH THERE IS A LINE IN HEAVEN SO I CAN MAKE A PHONE CALL TO MY MOM".

9. Invest on yourself. "Per non lavorare tutta la vita, deve investire a tuoi stessi". If you don't want to work forever then invest on yourself. You need to develop and maximize your full potential.

10. Gratitude. Count your blessings everyday. There are many things to be greatful for this life. 44 SAF heroes died on last misencounter, and probably every minute and seconds someone is dying due to conflicts of war. Be greatful that you are still here reading this blog. 

Kindly whisper a prayer to Fallen 44 and victims of conflict.

Feel free to share your attitude to succeed in life.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan I. Ruiz

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Steps to Become a Millionaire @ Age 30

I would like to share with you  my 10 steps to become a millionaire at age 30. When I say millionaire, pick your own currency whether you work abroad or in the Philippines. This is not a get rich quick scheme or I will tell you to join a MLM or Pyramiding type of business. If you are at age 20 right now, you should read this carefully, but this applies to those who wants to retire early.

Newbie Mentor Steps to Become a Millionaire:

1. Focus on increasing your active and passive income. Look back 5 years ago and check how much is your paycheck? How about your monthly cash flows?
If you have the same amount or increase it by only 5%, then there is something wrong. You might want to ask yourself , Did you develop a skills or further your career?

2. Design your lifestyle. If you increase or double your income, Is there any massive change in your lifestyle? from 3 in 1 coffee to starbucks? from packed lunch to a fancy restaurant? Live within your means as every financial advisor famous advice.

3. Save to invest. Don't save save. Saving is different from Investing. If you are reading this blog and have n't started investing, then I BEG YOU TO START OPENING A MUTUAL FUNDS OR STOCK BROKER ACCOUNT. PUTTING YOUR MONEY ON BANK ACCOUNT OR TIME DEPOSIT IS NOT INVESTING, I CALL IT " WASTING THE TIME VALUE OF MONEY.

4. Avoid Debts. There are 2 types of debt, bad debts and good debts. Credit card debts without paying at month end and incurring penalties, definitely a way of accumulating bad debt. Getting a loan from a bank for the purpose of buying a rental property is a good debt.

5. Treat money as a friend. If you consider money as an enemy then it will never comes to you. Use it for tithing, donating on church and charities. How will you achieve financial freedom without money?

6. Work Hard. This is the main problem of Filipinos, they always search for easy money or get rich quick scheme that will give them financial ease without working hard. We don't really want to work hard.(Check the lines at lottery stalls).

7. Follow the money not follow your passion. This is somewhat contrarian to the famous saying follow the money. I have a passion eating but there is no job that will give me money by just eating. I'm passionate on singing but my voice is far from being an artist. I discovered that there is a lot of money in the stock market field, so I follow it. I also discovered that I could teach and founded PAM Academy .

8. Learn, learn, learn. Learning and improving yourself will give you an advantage, it might give you promotions or you could move from employee status to entrepreneur. Everyday is an opportunity to learn.

9. Create more money machines. Don't stick to only one source of income. Have a part -time job and look for other opportunities around. Think of a start up company that could give you an extra income. You could start blogging, writing books, free lancing, teaching or tutorial etc. etc.

10. Shoot for 10 million not only 1 million. The biggest mistake that you could do is not thinking big.

I hope those steps will contribute to your journey to financial freedom. Let me know your steps to become a millionaire by comments and leaving me a message on this blog.

Feel free to share.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

4 by 4 Pull Back Strategy

This strategy was popularized by Market Geeks and consider this strategy as profitable in their 12 years of experience. This works with high volume stocks with both to the upside and downside.

I believed that every Newbies should have their own PAM-payamang strategy whether long, mid term or short term strategy. I would like you to try this strategy with small amount of value, again as a disclaimer any gains and losses will be shoulder by the Newbie blog readers.

1. Identify Strong Trend.
2. Identify the retracement.
3. Get In Before the Trend resumes.
4. Trend Resumes.

First. Look for the stocks with good volume of trades/value and crowds favorite. Example MAXs
The value of trades from the start of year 2015 never went down to 10 million.

Second. Retracement. It should have a good uptrend slope and price in 4 weeks continuously going high.

Third. Get In Before the Uptrend Resumes. After the 100% stock dividends, the price adjusted and continuously slide to below 25 level. In addition to the downtrend was the FOO price @ 17 level, 17 -19 price was the good entry point.

Fourth. Trend Resumes on December 18, 2014. The stock hits the 30 day price high @ 35.50. Many brokers started buying when the company announced the 1000 branches expansion plan of the company.

I hope you will try to study another stock with this strategy and have a good results.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor


If you don't have a strategy in your portfolio, we are accepting enrollees in the PAM Academy

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Albert Einstein was on a train. He couldn't find his ticket after searching through all his pockets and bags. The conductor approached him and said something to the effect of , "Dr. Einstein, everyone knows who you are. We know that Princeton can afford to buy you another ticket."

To which Einstein replied with something along the lines of ," I'm not worried about the Money. I need to find the ticket to figure out where I'm going."

The story was taken from the art of start up book by Guy Kawasaki.

Many times, once you achieve a certain level of success in your career, relationships, and finances, you never stop searching and looking for more success. Main reason why there are many Pinoy OFWs with professional backgrounds that are leaving the country to find a better fortune abroad. Let's face the truth that almost 98%, trade for money and higher salary compared working in our home country. They also trade off the precious time with their kids 7th birthday, graduation, wedding anniversary etc. etc.

Sometimes, we lose sight of our ticket and focus too much on money. We should keep our promises and dreams to give a better future to our kids and families but never put money as our first priority.

"If you know where you going, money will follow".

For Pinoy OFWs, I want to see you one day with your wife and kids spending time walking on the beach. A sign that you already achieved "Financial Freedom".

Sincerely yours,


P.S. If you don't know how to start investing, the NEWBIE Book is available at this link; Financial Freedom .

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