Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Concept of Richness

What is your concept of richness?

A kid formative years of handling money is during the kindergarten to elementary days. Do you still remember the gifts every Christmas and Birthday given to you?

Money is a part of the gifts to you by Ninong and Ninang. Once you received the money, you will asks Nanay and Tatay to go with you to "Langhap Sarap", jobee po tau".

As you grew up, the concept of richness became luxurious and measured thru bank accounts, a ferrari, a mansion or villas, engrande vacation, expensive schools etc..etc.. everything that money can buy.

I dreamed those luxuries in life, I will be hypocrite if I said "No". Everything has changed during my journey and adventure in this life. I created my own concept of richness, it should be seen in four aspects of our life in spirituality, relationship, health, and purpose.

I'm not a religious person but I tried to based my values on the Word of God, I read a scriptures every day and try to reflect on it. I pray every night (sometimes I missed). I believed that one day we are going to face our Creator and ask if we accomplished our purpose in life.

I love this line in a song:

I learned to love and give love. I'm continuously learning to love my families, friends and the community. We need to share love unselfishly. I realized that I turned my character from being harsh and boastful into a listener and lover. Soon, my Baby Athena will be born (Tatay na ang Newbie Mentor).

Health is wealth. I started a hardline diet, I want to live healthy so I can see my baby growing and have my grandkids playing with me. We are not going to enjoy the fruits of our savings and investments if we are going to die early, better to start living healthy.

Rich in purpose. We are given a purpose to accomplish that's the main reason why you are alive. Find your purpose. This part differs in every human being, to be a doctor, a lawyer, a mentor, an entrepreneur etc etc..I think, I've doing my purpose.

True richness is not all about money, money is only an additional bonus.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

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