Thursday, 1 January 2015

Roadmap to 1 Million Pesos in Year 2015

Change is never easy. Unfinish businesses last year. Busy in commitments with families and friends. I know that you will set time to create your new years resolution to have a great year 2015.How about checking your roadmap last year 2014 before creating a New Year's Resolution.

If you will be given a map going to a specific place then your journey will be smooth or I would say using google maps or gps, the direction will be given to you without hustle.  In the field of stock market investing or trading, roadmap is available for everyone thru recommendations, newsletters, rumours, insiders but that will depends on how you will discover the map or how to get the right map for year 2015 to have a greener portfolio and high percentage of gains.

Probably you have seen the following screen shots of investors and traders in one of the forums, they are inspiring because of the risk taken in every stock picked they made. This was posted in public forum, I repost it here but without their names:

3.92% gains

7.51% gains


Now, those are very good samples of portfolio for Year 2014. How about your Newbie Mentor portfolio? I'm managing few accounts and portfolios, what I'm going to show you is an extraordinary results but I would not be able to disclosed the stock positions and transactions at this moment. This is a portfolio of a position trader:

Year 2013 Equity Value dated Oct 19, 2013

Turned into 1 Million Equity Value dated January 1, 2015

Indeed, year 2014 was a great year for all of us. I applied the PAM strategy on the said portfolio, Stock market is not risky, it's all about PAM, Planning , Actions and Mindset.

Have a Prosperous and Abundant New Year 2015.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor
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