Sunday, 4 January 2015

Questions to ponder on at the end of your life?

Did I live?
Did I matter?
Did I make an impact?

Those questions that we should keep asking ourselves to achieve high performance and change our lives to the right direction. Life is short as a famous saying of our friends but the question, Are you living and enjoying this life? Of course, there are many factors and aspects of our lives that needs to check which I called the 5 F's , Faith, Family, Friends, Finance and Fitness ( Health).

How are you personally with your spiritual life?
How is your relationship with your families and friends?
Are you happy with your finances or are you happy with your current job?
Are you healthy or suffering from a lose weight program?

I'm not in the position to dictate what performance you should achieve on those 5F's in your life. I have my own way to organize those 5F 's and what level of performance I should achieve.

Faith - To be deep in the Word of God. Reading a verse every day and reflect on it.

Family - Spend more time with my wife and Baby Athena.

Friends - To grow PAM Academy and share knowledge in the stock market. If you want to join the community of PAM ers, please enroll PAM Academy. Launch PAM PSE Tracker on iOS

Finances -  I want to achieve a 1 Million Passive Income Monthly. Launch Chef Jon Spaghetti House.

Fitness - I want to lose at least 10 kilos and eat healthy. Less meat and more vegetables.

I want to live simply and focus on the essentials and improve those 5F's.

How about you?

Sincerely yours,


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