Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Newbie Guide on Picking the Winning Stocks 2015

What will be the potential highest marks of PSEi?
What will be the impact of declining oil prices?
How to pick the winning stocks for 2015?

Most of brokers laid out their predictions that we could hit the 8000 - 8200 marks for PSE index and made their recommended strategies, another year of  bull winning the run but Elliot experts analyst said that there is a possibility of shallow movement.

The impact of declining oil prices will benefits the Pinoy consumers and the potential savings can be use for consumption. Additional buying power for Pinoys. The government will continue the awarding of different PPP projects and GDP growth target of 7-8%.

How to pick the winning stocks per sector?

1.  Property Stock - Pick the real estate company that continuously adding development portfolios and with strong take up sales locally and internationally. SMPH and MEG are possible choices.

2. Energy Sector and Power Companies - Invest on those companies with expansion plans and increasing their supply capacity. Consider also those companies investing on solar and wind power. FGEN and ACR are PAM picks.(EDC was part of PAM table last year but looks like too high at the current level).

3. Banks - Choose bank that has a strong earnings in terms of trading gains and loan growth with tight policies. MBT and EW are top brokers pick for banking sector.

4. Gaming - an industry that continuously growing. MCP, BEL, PLC and Bloom are highly recommended.

5.  Construction Companies - Pick those stocks that awarded PPP projects and partnered with real estate projects.  MWIDE, LRI and FNI (CMT) included.

6.  Commodity and Service - the improved global growth  and declining oil prices will give potential increase earnings for commodities. Pick companies with international and local expansion plans. MAXS, JFC, PGOLD,SSI and COSCO.

7. Conglomerates  - Choose the companies that well diversified to minimize the risks. AC is a good choice.

Validate our analysis and try to make a right decisions. For more stock analysis and recommendations, please visit PAM academy.

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  1. You didn't include ALI on the list under prop. I just wonder why?

    1. bro since ALI is under AC which is one of the pick in Conglomerates thats the reason I did not include it but no doubt ALI can be one of them.


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