Thursday, 8 January 2015

Secrets of High Achiever

I have seen 2 stocks of my kumpare with a good amount of gains, I considered him as a high achiever in the stock market field but he kept himself low profile:

Most newbie traders and investors trying to figure out on how to be  a high achiever in the field of stock market. To be a high achiever, it can be based on your percentage gains as of today or the value change in your portfolio.

I don't consider myself as  a guru or expert but a mentor in this field. I founded the PAM Academy because I want to help Filipino OFW's to come home with their families someday without worrying with their finances. Link to my story .

I attended a webinar last night with Michael Hyatt, former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, he shared the 5 secrets of high achievers:

1. Believe you can win. What is your beliefs system? High achievers have the ability and talents that are extraordinary. In the field of stock market, high achiever could read graphs and can calculate valuation of companies. They can enter at a bottom price level and exit at a high price. High achiever always overcome barriers such as insiders information or hypes by gurus.

2. Get Past the Past. High achievers gone thru a lot of failures. Future does not equal your past. Remember the word of wisdom, your past does not define your future. High achievers get up in every failures and continue focusing on achieving the goals.High achievers experience uncertainty and fears but they are able to handle it well.

3. Set specific goals. Goals should be specific and attainable or SMART. High achievers should be concrete and specific. A good example in the stock market is Kumpare wants to have more than  30% gains in SSI for the next 6 months. Goals should have a deadline.

4. Know your why. People lose their way when they lose their why"Gail Hyatt". You should know, WHY are you investing or trading. Is this for your future retirement or kids education? Know your why?

5. Get started NOW. Many newbies are afraid to start and just continue to procrastinate. Why not start investing and studying how the stock market works?? You will be the one holding the key to Financial Freedom.

Apply those 5 secrets of High Achievers. If you want to be a high achiever in the stock market, please don't hesitate to join PAM Academy .

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

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