Thursday, 1 January 2015

Get What You Really Want?

When I posted the roadmap to 1 million pesos, the views on this blog skyrocketed. I think, main reason is because of this result from 398 386. 45 to 1 Million Peso Portfolio



The title of this post is "Get What You Really Want" because I believed that everyone can do this amazing results. How ??? The question should not be "how", it should be "Are you willing to take the challenge and work hard this year 2015? I will let you answer the question by Yes or No.

Few tips to follow:
1. Determination- you should be determine to give extra time to read books and news.
2. Stop Procrastination - I have seen many postings on facebook forums "Tataas ba ang stock na ito?
This is a sign that it includes in your portfolio and bloody red, many will answered back "Average down ka na lang", Tataas din yan"...I WARNED PAMers to avoid those comments or else they will be ban in PAM Academy forever. There should be a reason behind those comments.
3. Don't follow the leader, be the leader. Check the potential bottom of the stock before the gurus hype it.
4. Check your strategy 100 times. Are you really for long term or short term?
5. Join PAM Academy if you have extras, no force at all.

I'm dreaming that many Pinoys learned a lot of lessons last year movement of the index. I'm looking forward that every portfolios will be greener in the year 2015.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

P.S. We are accepting enrollees for the PAM Academy to the next level.
First Step : Decide which package of enrollment
 3 months subscription       1200
 6 months subscription       2500
 12 months subscription     5000

Second  Step: Deposit your enrollment fee to Newbie Mentor Bank Account

Third Step: Send receipts of deposit or remittance to and
Fifth Step: Welcome to PAM Academy. If you want to join the PAM Exclusive Chat Room, mentioned it on your email.

"Together We Can Achieve Financial Freedom"

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