Sunday, 25 January 2015

3 Decisions that could Change your Trading Life

TOTAL GAINS = 146 421.48

I would like to share with you 3 decisions that applicable to your trading life. The gains above are few samples of Newbie Mentor position trading strategies in the past weeks(PX collected only half of the position). I know, looks like a scam because let's face the fact 146k gains could be a one year salary of ordinary workers in our country.

I made 3 important decisions that change my trading life:

1. Read, listen and learn from a Mentor. I do have my own mentor, he encouraged me to invest and trade in the stock market. In my first years in this battlefield, I buzz him hundred times. I learned position sizing and momentum trading from him.Sorry but not allowed to disclose my mentor's name. I red many books about investing and trading so I can validate the gurus and experts graph in the forums as well as protect myself from bashers and hypers.

2. Mastermind group. Yes, I founded  PAM Academy  from a small mastermind group previously named PAM rich friends and now PAMers continuously growing. Surround yourself with successful people and friends that could encourage you in the journey. Find your group that could help you achieve your goals and dreams.

3. AMP - Accept, Move and Plan. I reshuffle the word PAM. In every mistakes, you need to accept that you might not be always right then move and plan again. Stick to your plans  and PAM-payamang strategy and learn to set the target gains and tolerance level of loss.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

P.S. Ms. PAM updates is now available in the PAM Academy. For my part, I'll do the midweek updates.

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