Saturday, 31 January 2015

110K Gains as a friend of the trend..

Don't chase the trend!!! instead befriend with it...

I believed learning technical analysis will give you an advantage in buying stocks and selling in mid-term duration with pretty good amount of gains.

I don't encourage you to become a trader, instead I recommend you to study technical charting and indicators especially if you want to be a full time trader someday or take it as a hobby in your retirement days.

I would like to share the fruits of studying technical analysis and my learning how to collect a good amount of gains in mid term time frame. MAXS and BLOOM are good examples of mid-term trading, see results below with total of 110k gains:

MAXS @ 56,426

Bloom @ 53,781

The truth with MAXS, I waited until the FOO price hits and I started averaging down because it was bloody in my portfolio after dividends ex date last year then I set my target price at above 29 level and sold it. This stock did not stopped going high and closed 32.20 last Friday.

Bloom entry point was 11.58 last year December 2014, I sold this stock and move my funds to another gaming stock and wishing the same thing to happen this coming month of February. I think, Bloom will continue it's rally due to the expansion plans that released in the news.

If you want to know candlesticks charting and technical indicators, please do join our growing community of PAMers. Click this words  Financial Freedom .

Have a happy Sunday.

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