Saturday, 31 January 2015

110K Gains as a friend of the trend..

Don't chase the trend!!! instead befriend with it...

I believed learning technical analysis will give you an advantage in buying stocks and selling in mid-term duration with pretty good amount of gains.

I don't encourage you to become a trader, instead I recommend you to study technical charting and indicators especially if you want to be a full time trader someday or take it as a hobby in your retirement days.

I would like to share the fruits of studying technical analysis and my learning how to collect a good amount of gains in mid term time frame. MAXS and BLOOM are good examples of mid-term trading, see results below with total of 110k gains:

MAXS @ 56,426

Bloom @ 53,781

The truth with MAXS, I waited until the FOO price hits and I started averaging down because it was bloody in my portfolio after dividends ex date last year then I set my target price at above 29 level and sold it. This stock did not stopped going high and closed 32.20 last Friday.

Bloom entry point was 11.58 last year December 2014, I sold this stock and move my funds to another gaming stock and wishing the same thing to happen this coming month of February. I think, Bloom will continue it's rally due to the expansion plans that released in the news.

If you want to know candlesticks charting and technical indicators, please do join our growing community of PAMers. Click this words  Financial Freedom .

Have a happy Sunday.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

Friday, 30 January 2015

Kailan po kaya tataas ang stock na ito?

Maraming newbies ang iisa lang ang hinihintay, "PAGTAAS NG HAWAK NA STOCK". Isang problema ay medyo mahirap maghintay ng pagtaas kung walang "catalyst" o potensyal ang napiling mong stock.

Kailan tataas?

Wala talaga makakasagot at makakaalam kung kelan tataas ang isang stock dahil kung meron eh di SANA LAHAT NG MEMBERS SA FORUM AY RETIRE NA LANG tulad ng NEWBIE mentor na full time investor at trader.

Bilang isang mentor ng Newbies ang nagiging strategy ko  for the last 2 weeks ay NEWS ALERT from PAM PSE TRACKER :

8.60% gains from EW

9.01% gains from HOUSE

Parehong stock na may catalyst: EW stock rights offering and  HOUSE 52% income hike. (kailangan nakapasok ka na sa loob kung hindi pa naiaanounce ng broker mo ang good news, sabay ka na sa rally).

Ikaw ? Paano at Kailan mo nalalaman ang pagtaas ng isang stock?

Sincerely yours,


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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

128% productivity level

How are you?

I'm busy, I have no time, maybe tomorrow, maybe next time.

Sounds familiar.

Do you check your daily tasks?
Do you feel stress and tired at the end of the day?
Do you pump yourself and relax once in a month?

Those questions relate to productivity. There are tasks that important that we need to prioritize. We always say yes to our boss or to our dabarkads and never say NO to commitments.

Here are few techniques to increase productivity:

1. Write down 5 important tasks early in the morning.
2. Exercise. Energize.
3. Set schedule for opening and answering emails.
4. Don't open facebook while doing an important tasks.
5. Set your important meeting in the afternoon.
6. Focus on the small and important task first.
7. Turn off notifications and alerts while doing important tasks.
8. Sleep 8 hours a day.

What about your productivity level in the stock market?

Did you study the PAM ebooks?
Did you watch the PAM Module Lessons?
Did you read the PAM updates?

If you are doing those important task, one day you will have the 128% gains:

If you are part of PAM Academy , congrats for the upcoming gains.

Sincerely yours,


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Sunday, 25 January 2015

3 Decisions that could Change your Trading Life

TOTAL GAINS = 146 421.48

I would like to share with you 3 decisions that applicable to your trading life. The gains above are few samples of Newbie Mentor position trading strategies in the past weeks(PX collected only half of the position). I know, looks like a scam because let's face the fact 146k gains could be a one year salary of ordinary workers in our country.

I made 3 important decisions that change my trading life:

1. Read, listen and learn from a Mentor. I do have my own mentor, he encouraged me to invest and trade in the stock market. In my first years in this battlefield, I buzz him hundred times. I learned position sizing and momentum trading from him.Sorry but not allowed to disclose my mentor's name. I red many books about investing and trading so I can validate the gurus and experts graph in the forums as well as protect myself from bashers and hypers.

2. Mastermind group. Yes, I founded  PAM Academy  from a small mastermind group previously named PAM rich friends and now PAMers continuously growing. Surround yourself with successful people and friends that could encourage you in the journey. Find your group that could help you achieve your goals and dreams.

3. AMP - Accept, Move and Plan. I reshuffle the word PAM. In every mistakes, you need to accept that you might not be always right then move and plan again. Stick to your plans  and PAM-payamang strategy and learn to set the target gains and tolerance level of loss.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

P.S. Ms. PAM updates is now available in the PAM Academy. For my part, I'll do the midweek updates.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Concept of Richness

What is your concept of richness?

A kid formative years of handling money is during the kindergarten to elementary days. Do you still remember the gifts every Christmas and Birthday given to you?

Money is a part of the gifts to you by Ninong and Ninang. Once you received the money, you will asks Nanay and Tatay to go with you to "Langhap Sarap", jobee po tau".

As you grew up, the concept of richness became luxurious and measured thru bank accounts, a ferrari, a mansion or villas, engrande vacation, expensive schools etc..etc.. everything that money can buy.

I dreamed those luxuries in life, I will be hypocrite if I said "No". Everything has changed during my journey and adventure in this life. I created my own concept of richness, it should be seen in four aspects of our life in spirituality, relationship, health, and purpose.

I'm not a religious person but I tried to based my values on the Word of God, I read a scriptures every day and try to reflect on it. I pray every night (sometimes I missed). I believed that one day we are going to face our Creator and ask if we accomplished our purpose in life.

I love this line in a song:

I learned to love and give love. I'm continuously learning to love my families, friends and the community. We need to share love unselfishly. I realized that I turned my character from being harsh and boastful into a listener and lover. Soon, my Baby Athena will be born (Tatay na ang Newbie Mentor).

Health is wealth. I started a hardline diet, I want to live healthy so I can see my baby growing and have my grandkids playing with me. We are not going to enjoy the fruits of our savings and investments if we are going to die early, better to start living healthy.

Rich in purpose. We are given a purpose to accomplish that's the main reason why you are alive. Find your purpose. This part differs in every human being, to be a doctor, a lawyer, a mentor, an entrepreneur etc etc..I think, I've doing my purpose.

True richness is not all about money, money is only an additional bonus.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

4 P's of trading in the Stock Market

Every guru, experts, teachers and mentors are using different strategies in the stock market. It can be short term, mid-term and long term strategies. Those mentioned strategies are based on the holding period or time frame. If you are a day trader or holding the stocks in just a day, then you are using short term strategy.

Short term strategy or trading requires monitoring the stocks the whole day, you need to study and learn technical analysis. You need to give enormous time to study and learn this discipline. Technical experts used japanese candlesticks, harmonic patterns, indicators..etc.. etc..

Mid-term or position trading is a strategy with a duration of more than a week in which the trader position himself on the bottom price of a specific stock believing that there is a possibility of collecting gains in few weeks or more than 6 months time. This is very popular strategy in the PAM Academy , in which most members used GTC or Good Til Cancelled Order ( 60 days duration).

Long term strategy or buy and forget, popularized by Sir Warren Buffet. I know many Newbies are using this strategy and dreaming to be like Sir Warren. The time frame should be more than 5 years or when you hit the fair value of the company or hit your target price. Learn fundamental analysis under this strategy.

I would like to share with you, the 4 P's for Position trading:

1. Plans - you need to make your plans. If you don't have a plan then expect to fail. Before pressing the buy button, check the possible time frame of your stock picks then set the target price. Stick to your plan. Many newbies making mistakes because of hyping or bashing around the forums and chat rooms.

2. Price - buy price, check the possible bottom of the stock in which sometimes the 52 week low. This is very important because it will determine if you are going to be IPIT or LAYA. Check the PE ratio. Check the price if it  undervalued according to company's fundamentals.

3. Potential Upsides - This is in relation with the stock buy price and target price, the wide gap between your target and average price determines the percentage gains. Calculate your potential loss that you can shoulder then accept the possible mistakes. Used the PAM PSE Tracker for the calculation of potential gains and monitoring of portfolios.

4. PAM Academy - I included in the P, the academy to financial freedom because many Newbies that are ready to take the challenge and be a part of the growing community. Help and learn. Benefits will be the video lessons, ebooks, Ms. PAM updates with the ARC trademark and the update of your Newbie Mentor which is called Mr. PAM updates.

To those that followed us in our picked , CONGRATS ..Indeed a good start of the year with 12% gains in just 2 weeks>

For those inside the PAM Chat official and veteran helpers in our mission, @Thank you.

Sincerely yours,


Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Gift

I know every human being was given a gift, a gift from heaven. I know everyone busy for welcoming Pope Francis. I think more than the visit, we should reflect and think of his message. Pope Francis was given a wonderful gift to touch every person lives and bring the message of  love.

Last Sunday, I was at the Vatican City with my sister and  Lynda Jumilla before Pope Francis Angelus and his asking for prayers for his visit in Sri Lanka and Philippines.

There will only be few people that will be able to touch by his hands but more than anything else, we should understand that his bringing the love and care to Filipinos especially those victims by Typhoon Yolanda. I'm hoping that everything will go smoothly with his visit, the security, the mass, and that the government will continue working hard not only during the Pope's visit.

What about you? What are the gifts that you could share? Are you using your gifts to highest potential?

Welcome Pope Francis to the Philippines.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

P.S. I will be sharing my gift on Financial literacy to Pinoys in Rome this coming Sunday,feel free to come.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Paglalakbay ng Dishwasher bilang isang Financial Mentor

Magsasaka lang po.
Janitor lang po.
Teller lang po
Guro lang po.

Siguro marami talaga ang sumasagot na may "LANG PO". Natanong na rin ito sa kin, mahigit sampung taon na ang nakalilipas, Ano ang trabaho mo?  ang sabi ko na lang din , "Dishwasher lang po", o Tagahugas ng mga plato sa isang restaurant dito sa Rome. Isang marangal na trabaho kasi alam ko na naguumpisa lang ako at mayroon ako matutuhan sa larangang ito.  Voluntaryo akong nagtrabaho at walang nagtulak sa kin o maaring dahil sa sakit na nararanasan ng aking ina. Pinili ko ang landas na alam ko magbibigay sa kin ng aral ng buhay.

Sa pagtatrabaho bilang isang dishwasher, mahabang oras araw araw na mababasa ang kamay mo at maghuhugas ng plato, baso, kutsara at tinidor, ganun din napakaraming utos ang kailangan gawin mula sa mga Chefs ng restaurant. Napakababa ng tingin sayo ng iba at ikaw ang huling uuwi pag oras na ng out. Kalaban mo ang init at lamig ng panahon. Malayo ka sa buhay na kinagisnan sa Pilipinas.
Ang marangyang buhay na kinamulatan ay biglang naglaho at nabuksan ang aking isipan sa kabilang mundo ng mga Pinoy OFWs.

Dito nagsimula at nabuo ang mga bagong pangarap sa aking buhay. Binigyan ko ng halaga ang edukasyon at ang bawat oras nalilipas. Hinanap ko ang aking sarili at tinanong kung meron bang daan na mas madali upang makabalik sa marangyang buhay.(Get rich quick scheme). Lahat pala ay pwedeng matupad sa pamamagitan ng sipag at tiyaga, ngayon pwede ko na patunayan ang kasabihan "Kapag may Tiyaga ay May Nilaga".

Nagipon ako at nagaral bilang isang Chef, at nagkaroon ng Diploma sa larangan ng kusina upang hindi ako manatili sa posisyon bilang dishwasher. Natupad ko ang pangarap bilang isang Chef at maaring malayo na rin ang landas na ito sa pagiging taga hugas ng plato. Hindi natapos ang pangarap sa pagiging Chef at napakarami pang Certificates at titles ang aking nakuha ngunit lahat ng ito pala ay isang papel lamang, mas mahalaga ang biyahe sa likod ng paglalakbay patungo sa pagtupad ng pangarap at ganun din kung kanino mo inaalay ang bawat diploma at tagumpay.

Inaalay ko ang Diploma ng pagiging Chef sa aking mahal na Ina na kapiling na ng Dakilang Lumikha. Sampung taon na rin ang nakalipas ng pumanaw ang aking minamahal na Ina. Ngayon, pagtinanong akong muli, Ano ang trabaho mo? Chef na po pero retired na, nagtuturo na "LANG PO" ng financial literacy.

Ikaw? Meron ka din bang "LANG PO", huwag mo itong ikahiya.

Mabuhay ang lahat ng OFWs.

Feel free to share your story.

Sincerely yours,


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Newbie Guide on Picking the Winning Stocks 2015

What will be the potential highest marks of PSEi?
What will be the impact of declining oil prices?
How to pick the winning stocks for 2015?

Most of brokers laid out their predictions that we could hit the 8000 - 8200 marks for PSE index and made their recommended strategies, another year of  bull winning the run but Elliot experts analyst said that there is a possibility of shallow movement.

The impact of declining oil prices will benefits the Pinoy consumers and the potential savings can be use for consumption. Additional buying power for Pinoys. The government will continue the awarding of different PPP projects and GDP growth target of 7-8%.

How to pick the winning stocks per sector?

1.  Property Stock - Pick the real estate company that continuously adding development portfolios and with strong take up sales locally and internationally. SMPH and MEG are possible choices.

2. Energy Sector and Power Companies - Invest on those companies with expansion plans and increasing their supply capacity. Consider also those companies investing on solar and wind power. FGEN and ACR are PAM picks.(EDC was part of PAM table last year but looks like too high at the current level).

3. Banks - Choose bank that has a strong earnings in terms of trading gains and loan growth with tight policies. MBT and EW are top brokers pick for banking sector.

4. Gaming - an industry that continuously growing. MCP, BEL, PLC and Bloom are highly recommended.

5.  Construction Companies - Pick those stocks that awarded PPP projects and partnered with real estate projects.  MWIDE, LRI and FNI (CMT) included.

6.  Commodity and Service - the improved global growth  and declining oil prices will give potential increase earnings for commodities. Pick companies with international and local expansion plans. MAXS, JFC, PGOLD,SSI and COSCO.

7. Conglomerates  - Choose the companies that well diversified to minimize the risks. AC is a good choice.

Validate our analysis and try to make a right decisions. For more stock analysis and recommendations, please visit PAM academy.

Sincerely yours.


P.S. For more stock picks, join and enroll in the academy to financial freedom PAM ACADEMY.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Todo Max Habits 2015

I know everyone are happy with the performance of the index. Hitting the 7400 marks, probably most of  portfolios recovering from blood bath. I'm more than happy to see every newbies in this field enjoying their journey to financial freedom.

I would like to share with you what are those Todo MAX habits that we need to adapt for 2015 to have a breakthrough not only in stock market but in different aspects of our lives.
8 daily habits that can lead to a successful 2015:

1. Be an early bird. Waking up early everyday will put you ahead of your peers. You need to have a quiet time to reflect and plan for your day.

2. Read a lot. Read 30 minutes a day about the latest news or read one page of your favorite book. Life is a continuous learning.

3. Exercise. Be healthy. Health is wealth.

4. Appreciation of Life. Gratitude. Before going to bed. Express how lucky you are to have food on your table, clothes to wear, and roof on your head.

5. Schedule your day. Learn to schedule everything, so you will not miss any important meetings and tasks to finish.

6. Focus. One thing at a time. Focus on your priorities. The power of focus. This will bring you to a high degree of success.

7. Always go the extra mile. Give more. Give your best in everything you do.

8. Improve one area of your life everyday. Ex. Family relationship, you commit yourself saying "I love you" to your wife.

Apply those TODO Max habits in your life.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Secrets of High Achiever

I have seen 2 stocks of my kumpare with a good amount of gains, I considered him as a high achiever in the stock market field but he kept himself low profile:

Most newbie traders and investors trying to figure out on how to be  a high achiever in the field of stock market. To be a high achiever, it can be based on your percentage gains as of today or the value change in your portfolio.

I don't consider myself as  a guru or expert but a mentor in this field. I founded the PAM Academy because I want to help Filipino OFW's to come home with their families someday without worrying with their finances. Link to my story .

I attended a webinar last night with Michael Hyatt, former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, he shared the 5 secrets of high achievers:

1. Believe you can win. What is your beliefs system? High achievers have the ability and talents that are extraordinary. In the field of stock market, high achiever could read graphs and can calculate valuation of companies. They can enter at a bottom price level and exit at a high price. High achiever always overcome barriers such as insiders information or hypes by gurus.

2. Get Past the Past. High achievers gone thru a lot of failures. Future does not equal your past. Remember the word of wisdom, your past does not define your future. High achievers get up in every failures and continue focusing on achieving the goals.High achievers experience uncertainty and fears but they are able to handle it well.

3. Set specific goals. Goals should be specific and attainable or SMART. High achievers should be concrete and specific. A good example in the stock market is Kumpare wants to have more than  30% gains in SSI for the next 6 months. Goals should have a deadline.

4. Know your why. People lose their way when they lose their why"Gail Hyatt". You should know, WHY are you investing or trading. Is this for your future retirement or kids education? Know your why?

5. Get started NOW. Many newbies are afraid to start and just continue to procrastinate. Why not start investing and studying how the stock market works?? You will be the one holding the key to Financial Freedom.

Apply those 5 secrets of High Achievers. If you want to be a high achiever in the stock market, please don't hesitate to join PAM Academy .

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

P.S. Newbie Book is now available at Central Bookstore Outlets.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Questions to ponder on at the end of your life?

Did I live?
Did I matter?
Did I make an impact?

Those questions that we should keep asking ourselves to achieve high performance and change our lives to the right direction. Life is short as a famous saying of our friends but the question, Are you living and enjoying this life? Of course, there are many factors and aspects of our lives that needs to check which I called the 5 F's , Faith, Family, Friends, Finance and Fitness ( Health).

How are you personally with your spiritual life?
How is your relationship with your families and friends?
Are you happy with your finances or are you happy with your current job?
Are you healthy or suffering from a lose weight program?

I'm not in the position to dictate what performance you should achieve on those 5F's in your life. I have my own way to organize those 5F 's and what level of performance I should achieve.

Faith - To be deep in the Word of God. Reading a verse every day and reflect on it.

Family - Spend more time with my wife and Baby Athena.

Friends - To grow PAM Academy and share knowledge in the stock market. If you want to join the community of PAM ers, please enroll PAM Academy. Launch PAM PSE Tracker on iOS

Finances -  I want to achieve a 1 Million Passive Income Monthly. Launch Chef Jon Spaghetti House.

Fitness - I want to lose at least 10 kilos and eat healthy. Less meat and more vegetables.

I want to live simply and focus on the essentials and improve those 5F's.

How about you?

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Newbie Book is now available on Central Bookstore .

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Get What You Really Want?

When I posted the roadmap to 1 million pesos, the views on this blog skyrocketed. I think, main reason is because of this result from 398 386. 45 to 1 Million Peso Portfolio



The title of this post is "Get What You Really Want" because I believed that everyone can do this amazing results. How ??? The question should not be "how", it should be "Are you willing to take the challenge and work hard this year 2015? I will let you answer the question by Yes or No.

Few tips to follow:
1. Determination- you should be determine to give extra time to read books and news.
2. Stop Procrastination - I have seen many postings on facebook forums "Tataas ba ang stock na ito?
This is a sign that it includes in your portfolio and bloody red, many will answered back "Average down ka na lang", Tataas din yan"...I WARNED PAMers to avoid those comments or else they will be ban in PAM Academy forever. There should be a reason behind those comments.
3. Don't follow the leader, be the leader. Check the potential bottom of the stock before the gurus hype it.
4. Check your strategy 100 times. Are you really for long term or short term?
5. Join PAM Academy if you have extras, no force at all.

I'm dreaming that many Pinoys learned a lot of lessons last year movement of the index. I'm looking forward that every portfolios will be greener in the year 2015.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

P.S. We are accepting enrollees for the PAM Academy to the next level.
First Step : Decide which package of enrollment
 3 months subscription       1200
 6 months subscription       2500
 12 months subscription     5000

Second  Step: Deposit your enrollment fee to Newbie Mentor Bank Account

Third Step: Send receipts of deposit or remittance to and
Fifth Step: Welcome to PAM Academy. If you want to join the PAM Exclusive Chat Room, mentioned it on your email.

"Together We Can Achieve Financial Freedom"

Roadmap to 1 Million Pesos in Year 2015

Change is never easy. Unfinish businesses last year. Busy in commitments with families and friends. I know that you will set time to create your new years resolution to have a great year 2015.How about checking your roadmap last year 2014 before creating a New Year's Resolution.

If you will be given a map going to a specific place then your journey will be smooth or I would say using google maps or gps, the direction will be given to you without hustle.  In the field of stock market investing or trading, roadmap is available for everyone thru recommendations, newsletters, rumours, insiders but that will depends on how you will discover the map or how to get the right map for year 2015 to have a greener portfolio and high percentage of gains.

Probably you have seen the following screen shots of investors and traders in one of the forums, they are inspiring because of the risk taken in every stock picked they made. This was posted in public forum, I repost it here but without their names:

3.92% gains

7.51% gains


Now, those are very good samples of portfolio for Year 2014. How about your Newbie Mentor portfolio? I'm managing few accounts and portfolios, what I'm going to show you is an extraordinary results but I would not be able to disclosed the stock positions and transactions at this moment. This is a portfolio of a position trader:

Year 2013 Equity Value dated Oct 19, 2013

Turned into 1 Million Equity Value dated January 1, 2015

Indeed, year 2014 was a great year for all of us. I applied the PAM strategy on the said portfolio, Stock market is not risky, it's all about PAM, Planning , Actions and Mindset.

Have a Prosperous and Abundant New Year 2015.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor
P.S.  Newbie Mentor Advanced ONLINE COURSES. Here is the link:

How to Ensure you Have a Long Lasting Retirement?

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