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How to avoid 2015 money mistakes?

Every yearend we prepare new year's resolution but most people they don't include money, the results same money mistake and same financial difficulties.
I would like to share with you, how to avoid 2015 money mistakes;
First; Financial plan. Planning your finances, know where you going to put your extra income and maximize your savings. How much will be the total value of your stocks portfolio? What will be the sideline business to start?

Second; Budget. Create a monthly budget. This will take 10 minutes of your time but many OFWs don't really appreciate the art of budgeting. To help you on this part, here is the link for budgeting app;
Third; Keep your spending low. Don't catch up with joneses. Many high income earners spend even more than their paycheck. A fishball vendor have more savings than those holding blue collar jobs. It is not how much you earn but how much you save.
Fourth; Ignoring small …

Important Lessons in Closing Year 2015

It's time to closed the books of year 2015 and open the year 2016. There are a lot of great things happened in my personal life that will be a part of my life story and memories that I could share to my grand kids in the future.

Join me to closed the Year 2015 and let's open the year 2016 with a BANG!!!

First, I renewed my Faith to God, one of the hardest because of many factors such as my past, career, hurts, failures and ambitions. I realized that his with me "All the Time", every moment that I'm falling rock bottom, he will push me to stand up again. Start the year 2016 to work out your spiritual relationship.

Second, I moved from Norway to UAE. I'm used to moving from one country to another, this is a very special moved because for the reason of reunification with my wife. A bonus received "A Lovely Baby  Daughter, Athena".

Third, Family that prays together, stays together. Prayer is a very powerful tool, miracle can happen to any member of your fa…

What if today is your last day?

Yesterday I experienced a terrifying event, I took a bus going home, in the middle of the road it suddenly stops and smoke and smells inside of a burned rubber. Passengers start rushing to get outside, the terrifying part, I'm sitting second to the last seat. 
I'm seeing the smoke covering the inside part of bus, happy memories flashing back my head and the smile of my baby and wife. When I got out of the bus, I prayed to thank God, it's not my last day.

I pictured a scenario, what if that was my last day?
How will I answer the following questions?
What will happen to my family? What will be the reaction of my families and friends? What will happen to my businesses and works? How will people remember me as a person? What are the questions God will throw once I encounter him? Did I live fully and according to his purpose?
Tomorrow will be the last day of year 2015. I would like you to join me in reflections of the above questions. Answer them honestly and start writing wha…

Merry Christmas - Isang Pasasalamat

Christmas is the celebration of commemorating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the time to remember that we are saved by God's grace and love to humanity.

Before everyone gets busy, let me personally greet all of you "MERRY CHRISTMAS" AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. "

To All the Newbies in the stock market and PAMers, MABUHAY PO KAYO!!!

Spend your time with your Families and Friends and Enjoy the Seasons with Love and Joy in Our Hearts.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. I might not be able to give a gift to everyone materially but this application can help you in your journey to Financial Freedom, iProsper :

What is your ideal retirement?

Retirement - the act of leaving one's job and ceasing to work, giving up work, stopping work. As wikipedia defined it, a point where a person stops employment completely.

This is a goal of every Filipino OFW's to stop working abroad and go home to spend time with their families back in the Philippines.This is the time that you don't need to work and received money from your pension plans, government (SSS), retirement funds etc. etc, This is the ideal meaning of retirement for most of us.

I have done mini retirement in the past, I did n't worked for 8 months and depend on my passive income sources:  but recently joined a start up company in UAE. I experienced retirement for a short period of time and now,

I made a concrete plans for my next retirement.

First, I will have more than enough money to spend for extra leisure such as travelling, eating at finest restaurants, donating more on charities and foundation.

Second, I will co…

How to send Passive Income Automatically to your Bank Account?

To escape the rat race, you need to exceed the passive income vs living expenses. The income from side businesses and extras outside of your regular monthly paycheck. It's also very important to make it automatic, there is no need for tracking.

Yesterday, I received my notifications from different sources:

Blogging Income:

Google wallet account, set up for blogging ads and selling applications.

Rental Income:

This is from rental income in trip advisor.

For selling ebooks, I used PAYPAL account as well as for PAM Academy, 

Start creating money machines and live with your passive income as preparation to your early retirement.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Ruiz

P.S. For monitoring and budget tracking, download now :

Earning more money is a skill

How to earn more money ?
I worked as a Chef, Marketing Director in Real Estate, Cost Controller, Blogger and Financial Advisor those are positions I took in the last 10 years. The truth, I'm trying to figure out which position will fit to my future goals but money is  a part of consideration, from being a Chef jumping to Cost Controller is 50% more pay. Blogging is a challenging endeavor, it took 2 years for monetization.
Developing skills will be part of your journey to prosperity. You can get promotions, partime consulting job, and  start your own business.
Aside from developing skills, developing key habits and attitude change will gives you more money;
1. Surround yourself with rich minded people. "Your net worth mirrors the level of your closest friends"- Siebold. If you are hanging out with those happy go lucky friends then there will be no difference in your lifestyle.
2. Read books. Rich people choose to read to increase their knowledge instead of watching TV.  I fini…

Why you need to feel the pain in investing?

" Kailangan niyang masaktan para malaman niyang buhay sya." ( She needs to feel the pain, for her to know that she is alive).

A hugot line from the movie Ex with Benefits when Dee's telling the story to Arki how she suffered birth complications of not crying during the delivery.
Newborn babies should cry immediately after birth to get oxygen or else it will suffer a complications on the brain. 
It is synonymous to our journey to financial freedom, we are going to suffer from different levels of pain to be successful;
1. Working hard now and reap the benefits later. It could mean getting promotions, working overtime, and hustling on your business to take more cash into your pocket.
2. Delay gratification. Drinking 3 in 1 instead of coffee from Starbucks. Taking the bus or car lift instead of driving. Small things that could give extra savings.
3. Studying and reading books. Discipline yourself from being online every 30 mins instead spending time reading books related to…

iProsper as a Tool to Financial Freedom

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
Prosperity is one of God's plan for everyone. He gave us already a future plan and what we need to do is take action.
Discipline will be a part of your journey to prosperity. Probably, you received the Christmas bonus or spent already. If you cannot remember where the last year's bonus spent then it will be same scenario today.
I developed a budgeting application in Google and iOS which I called iProsper. It will help everyone to prosper thru proper budgeting, tracking of income and expenses and reminders of upcoming bills. The budget formula is inspired by Borther Bo's prosperity formula of 10-20-70.

The total income distributed in different percentage allocations:
10% goes to tithes, this is your commitment to God to give. It can be more.
20% savings fund, it could be mutual funds, stocks, real estate etc. etc. and oth…

My Personal Habits to Reach Financial Freedom

Many Filipinos are dreaming of financial freedom or a life free from financial worries. I personally journeying and enjoying every steps to it. Last night, I received an email from Google Adsense that they sent another passive income to my bank account.

Let me share with you my habits to reach financial freedom;
First, Increase Cash Flows. Cash is the lifeblood of a business same applies to our personal lives, literally no cash - no buying power. Try to have promotions, do an extra hours or freelancing, sell something, and create more money machines.
Second, Budgeting. You will not believe every week someone will ask for cash advance from me. I realized that I'm not helping my colleagues by giving them their cash needs so I will teach them about financial budgeting. Live within your budget and don't live with credit cards budget.
Third, Keep your promise. Learn to pay on due time such as condo amortization , personal loans, utility bills etc. etc. It will help you avoid paying p…

How to achieve Greatness in Life?

I'm inspired reading the book "The School of Greatness", by Lewis Howes which hits #3 in New York Times Bestseller lists.

I would like to share  8 focus and continual improvements to achieve Greatness in Life:
1. Create a Vision. You should create a vision of yourself, it's your map to your dreams and goals. Determining the place where you want to go. To be an entrepreneur, a great writer, a lawyer, a doctor etc. etc. Have a vision.
2. Turn adversity into advantage. No one will achieve greatness without facing adversity. I personally experienced the adversity when I worked as a dishwasher at a young age and maltreated by the Chef, now I'm a Chef and teaching others to become great on what they do.
3. Cultivate a Champion's Mindset. You are a champion. This is the mindset on how you should view yourself and the world. Greatness takes root on a mindset.
4. Develop a hustle. You will accomplish a goal but you should not stop hustling. When I started out in the stoc…

How to identify undervalued stocks?

What if you can easily identify undervalued stocks?

What if you can trade with 1 million pesos and gain 10% in one trade?

Then probably you can retire and do full time trading and investing.

It's not an easy task, experience, time and effort will be a big contributing factors to develop this type of skills.

As a newbie investor and trader, there is a strategy that I would like to share with you:

First, Pick a mid- cap stock. In this example: TA , because there is a rollback on oil price again.

Second, Try to understand the Financial Statements and earnings on the current quarter:

In the figure above the earnings or operating revenue are 500 PHP  Million higher compared to last year's performance.
Third, Buy it at the 52 week low and sell once you are contented with gains.

This stock is on a pullback as of this writing 11/11/2015.
Fourth, Download PAM PSE TRACKER for easy monitoring of stocks:
Sincerely …

How to get the life that you really want?

I'm reading the book "The Miracle Mornings" by Hal Elrod, I want to share with you the main theme of it.

He said on the book not to limit ourselves and place unnecessary limitations on our lives. He recommends to wake up early in the morning and do S.A.V.E.R.S.
S - Silence. Sitting in silence, praying, meditating, and focusing on your breath, for 10 minutes everyday. The hectic schedule and chaos of our daily jobs took away the time to silence ourselves.
A - Affirmations. The power of affirmation is a reminder of who you are. Here is my own affirmation " I'm a great Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Best Selling Author, Best Finance Blogger, Money loves me, God loves me and Blessings will pour out where I'm standing."
V- Visualization. Visualize your dream and vision of your future. This idea taken from "The Secrets" book.
E - Exercise. Health is wealth. 30 mins walk or run a every morning will change the entire outlook of the day. You will…

Why I live below my means?

Live below your means is a famous advice of financial advisors but the problem is the application of this quote.

I learned to live below my means especially that I have a 7 months old baby daughter and my recent turnover of another condominium property.
I have 3 tips that will help you to live below your means without suffering from your lifestyle:
First, Buy with a special discounts. Toiletries such as colgate, shampoos, razor blades, and other food products. Buy those things with longer expiration and can be store for a long period of time in bulk with special discounts.
Second, Buy one take one. I bought a new shoe with additional slipper. It's not possible to avoid our wants in life, there is always a way to get it. Work extra hours or do a sideline business. I received a commissions from a previous sales and I used the money to buy a new shoes.
Third, Earn points and redeem it. Get all the loyalty cards and promotions. For example entertainer vouchers of eating 2 for 1 meal in …

10 Steps To Retire with Millions

Everyone is waiting for a retirement and wants to achieve financial freedom. There are many ways and pathways to do it, thru business, stocks, mutual funds, real estate, career, lotto, etc. etc.

I would like to share 10 steps that could be helpful in your journey to retirement:

1. Set a Goal. I named my academy with PAM - meaning P-lanning, A- ctions and M-indset. We need to plan for our future which is our GOAL. The goal is to hit millions in our retirement account. I set a goal that at the age of 50, I will be sitting in front of my beach house, teaching and travelling around the world.

2. Start saving. If you don't have 6 months emergency fund on your bank account then start today even with a small amount. It will lessen your worry, if stormy weather comes.

3. Get aggressive in Investing. After saving for the storms. Start building asset that could give you good amount of cashflows. Invest in rental properties and equity markets but have proper knowledge in the field. https://…

How to grow your Stock Market Knowledge?

Losing hard earned money in the stock market is not a myth. There is an inherent risks. There will be winners and losers, buyers and sellers, red and green, down and up, victories and failures, positive and negative and there is no neutral place no matter what, you will still lose in commissions and fees.

What are the strategy to grow your knowledge in the stock market?
1. Read books, blogs and newspapers. If you are planning to be a value investor and dreaming of becoming like Sir Warren, the Father of Value Investing then Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is the first book to read.

Instead if you are planning to become a trader, Trading For A Living by George Soros is highly recommended.
Don't forget to be updated by reading newspapers for current events that could impact your chosen stocks.
Of course, continuously read this blog.
2. Attend seminars and webinars. Better to attend seminars and webinars especially those free to widen your knowledge but only listen to those …

Is it worth taking the risk?

The reality in life is that everything is risky. As the book failing forward by John Maxwell cited that if you want to avoid risk then don't do the following:
Don't ride in an automobile- they cause 20% of all fatal accidents. Don't travel by air, rail, water- 16% of all accidents results from these activities. Don't walk in the street- 15% of all accidents occur there. Don't stay at home - 17% of accidents happen here.
There are no safe places or risk free activities.
How about investing in the stock market? Only 5% of investors are successful in this battlefield.
Are you one of them? Is it worth taking the risks?
My personal answer is "Yes".
The more you risk, the greater your chances of success. Here is my success story:

There are ways to calculate the risk in this field thru following 5 simple steps; 1. Study and learn the basics of investing. 2. Strictly follow your plans. 3. Know …

How to Prepare for a Long Term Wealth Plan?

Do you want to become rich? How much you set aside for your retirement funds? Do you establish your emergency funds?
I received a notification from my payout in Airbnb for my condominium for rent today; This property is part of my long term wealth plan, cash inflows will be deposited to my retirement funds. I don't want to rely on Social Security System, instead I want to build different passive income sources that will support my dream lifestyle.
If you read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, getting out of the rat race should be part of your long term wealth plan. The way out of this rat-race is to invest wisely into other cash producing vehicles that are not connected to your time. You must learn to make money work for you, rather than the other way around.
There are pathways to prepare for a long term wealth plan: The power of compounding interest. Invest a small amount of your income or at least 20% into an investment that could …

Success Formula

I believed that everyone wants to be successful and accomplished dreams. We work hard because of our motivations and reasons. We defined our success and creates a pathway to achieve it. You graduated from a Master's degree, passed the board exam, started a business, got married to your first love etc..etc..

I would like to share with you the Great Reid's Success Equation;

P + T + (AxA) + F = SUCCESS P= Passion .This is the thing that you love to do and do it even without pay. It could be photography, cooking, speaking, writing, etc. etc.
T= Talents. The innate skills that you possess. Develop your skills and be the best in the industry. In my case, my talent on Mid- Term Trading and earning at least 10% every week. I bought AGI the other day and now having more than 7% gains.

A1= Actions. The responsibility to take actions that will lead to success. In my case, studying fundamental and technical analysis.
A2= Association. This is your mastermind group and your support system.…

Investing Mistakes Can Be Costly

"Invest only the Excess Money on the Stock Market". Financial Advisor

You consider yourself value investor and for long term, you believe that the chosen stock can give high returns and potential 100% earnings in the future. The truth, it could be on the other way around.

Committing mistakes on this battlefield can be costly especially the extra money will be alloted to future retirement or educational fund of your kids. Why do newbie investors keep making mistakes over and over again.
Because newbie buy blu chips at a high price.
Blu chips stock are not a guarantee that you are not going to suffer from losses, if you buy at it's high then you can be "IPIT" for a long time and keep averaging to lessen the percentage loss. A good example URC hit as high as 234 then as of today at 194, What is a better price at 167 or 200 price?
Because newbie follows facebook forum gurus.
Buy FNI, it will soon rebounce then everybody entered at 2 PHP hoping that FOO will mat…

How to achieve a Financially Free Lifestyle?

Everyone wants to be Financially Free. 99% of OFWs reason of leaving the country is "Financial Problem" or they are looking for a land of milk and honey. We want to achieve financial freedom and live a free lifestyle at the time of retirement. This journey to be financially free is a rocky road, it will take time, effort and hardwork.

3 Simple Steps to be Financially Free:

First, Plan for your life at the time of retirement.
Build emergency funds, save and invest in mutual funds and stock market, diversify your investment and take the power of compounding into heart. This steps will take time and probably 10 - 25 years or even more. The key on this strategy is to start early.

Second, Take a calculated risk on business ventures. 

Create and build a business that will support your free lifestyle. The truth, it's not easy to take the risks on starting a business, most of start up companies failed in the first year of the business. 90 % of start up companies failed in year 20…

How to avoid losing from buying stocks too early?

I bought AGI the other week with the feeling that touch down the bottom price but I was wrong, it went down again today by 0.62%. The index recover 1.63 percentage gains closed at 6,961.93, showed a strength as of today's movement. If you are able to pick at the bottom last week probably you will have at least 5% gains from Bloom, PLC, MCP, TA and MBT.

How to avoid losing from stocks?

First, Learn both fundamental and technical analysis. 

Fundamental analysis is the cornerstone of investing. At least, you should know how to determine the fair value of stocks or the possible target price. Terms such as Dividend Yields, PE Ratio and Fair value should be part of your vocabulary and  you will be able to calculate it yourself.

Technical analysis will help you understand the historical patterns and predict the possible directions of the stock. Choose a method such as Japanese candlesticks, harmonic patterns, Elliot Wave, PAM strategy ( etc..etc.

Second, Don'…

Do you think Money can Buy Happiness?

Money can't buy happiness is a famous definition of money. Let's try to dig deeper and check if money can buy happiness. 
There are few reasons that I would like to share with you why money can buy happiness:
1. Freedom lifestyle. The ability of ordinary labourers to buy more goods and afford quality sevices are limited to the amount of paycheck. The less you earn, the less chance of choosing better products and services. The more you earn, the more chances of providing the needs and wants of your family. You have more freedom to choose the lifestyle.
2. Money can buy experiences. Traveling around the world, eating at expensive restaurants, driving a Ferrari, sitting down on your couch all day are possible only if you have enough money that can buy those leisures and experiences.
3. Money as a tool to give back for others. Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson to name a few of those Philanthropist that supporting different charitable institu…

Why newbies keep making mistakes?

Did you buy or sell your stock last week?Did you prepare a buying power? Did you make a mistakes in picking the right stocks?
Nobody knows when is the bottom and when is the right time to sell. If you are newbie in the stock market with a bleeding portfolio, no need to worry it's part of the journey to financial freedom.
Why you keep making mistakes? There are 3 main reasons.
1. No investment objective. You don't really know why you entered in the stock market. You don't know if you are an investor or a trader. You don't have a timeline for your stocks.
2. Not part of PAM. Planning, Actions and Mindset. You should have your own PAMpayamang strategy. You should Plan, Take Actions and have a positive  Mindset.
3. You follow Gurus not Mentors. The growing numbers of forum and newbie gurus causes many newbies to have a red portfolios. Following every advise will give them 50% gains instead -50% loss. There is no gurus only "You".
Feel free to share your newbie mistakes …

Where are you today financially?

I keep reading books, attending webinars and studying fundamental and technical analysis, so I will be able to share financial education with my blog readers.

I would like you to evaluate, where you are today as an investor?
Investor Level 1  Check your asset and liabilities. Get the difference to understand your net worth. The first level will show if you have assets or investments or more liabilities such as bad debts, personal loans, credit card debts. At end of month, paycheck will not be enough to cover expenses then you start on this level. Get out of debt and build your net worth.

Investor Level 2 This level will show how much you save on your bank account. In this level you haven't started investing but only saving because lack of financial education. You are a saver but not an investor. Start investing.
Investor Level 3 You started investing on stocks, bonds, uitf, mutual funds etc. etc. on this level, financial managers handle your investments. Started learning financia…

How to work productively?

Distractions are main cause of productivity problems. You did not meet the report deadlines because of a colleague that asked you for help. You are late in your appointment because you did not hear the alarm clock. We are living in a world of distractions.
Here are few steps to be productive:
1. Time management. We live in 24 hours, 1440 mins, 86400 secs in a day. Are you maximizing your time? Do you have a schedule to follow? Be discipline and manage your time wisely or else you will run out of time and realize that you are left behind.
2. Avoid too much selfie moments. If you are spending your time in social media every 30 mins and keep updating your Facebook status then it's time to avoid selfie moments that keeps you from being productive except you have a business online.
3. Say "No". When I was in Norway, one of the hobbies during Sunday is playing bingo, at first I got hooked but later I realized I spent too much of my time wasting so I learned to say No. 
4. Meetings,…

COLing the Shots Review during the Market Correction

During the market selloff 2 weeks ago probably you are still on a red territory in your stocks portfolio. As Coling the shots portfolio of COL still on a buy recommendations, is it really okay to buy and accumulate while losing from the price movement?

FGEN gained 7% today from yesterday's closing at 21.30, actually it was on my watchlist as I believed that the company's fundamental looks attractive at the current price. The stock price is undervalued. As per checking of Dividends history, generously distributed dividends for year 2015.
MEG market price at 4.4 is at buy price level but I will wait below 4.20 to accumulate.
CEB still a favourite stock in Airline industry as the oil continuously slide in the world market. Indeed a buy recommendation. Recently, distribute regular and special dividends of 1.5 cash dividends in August 2015.
AC market price movement on sideways, fundamental still intact. Consistent dividends distribution and expansion plans. Buy recommendation belo…

Different Pathways to Million PHP

I attended a meeting yesterday with investors. I notice their simplicity, they wear t-shirts and jeans, they don't have the latest iPhones instead blackberry and we ordered lunch and most of them ate salads. They are silent investors, finance million dirham projects and wait until they get back their investments.

They invest passively. I'm amazed how deep their knowledge in finance and business. They have millions but each individual is unique. One works with the bank as an investment banker, the other one deals with the government contracts, and a young professional works as a General Manager of hotel. They are experts in their fields.

I realized that I'm investing passively and probably I will reach at their age with the same knowledge and capital. I keep questioning myself, if I'm doing it right. I'm taking small steps at a time.

3 Pathways to Million PHP;

1. Real estate investing. This involves financial forecasting on how much is possible rental monthly or RO…

Avoid the Common Financial Planner Advise

Did you receive an invitation from a friend for financial literacy seminar for free? After the seminar they recruit for a MLM or financial products, usual marketing techniques. There are common financial planner advise that will not make you rich or  will make them rich thru their commissions.

Here are common advise; 1. Work hard. 2. Live below your means. 3. Save money. 4. Invest in mutual funds. 5. Diversify.
I agree on the list above that it could give a comfortable life but I'm giving you  newbie mentor advise; 1. Work smart. 2. Create money machines. 3. Make money. 4. Invest on stock. 5. Build businesses.

First, Financial planner advise to work hard, work overtime and do extras. My advise is to work smart, be productive and deliver results in a short possible time.
Second, Live below your means, I agree on this because you could not live above your means working paycheck from paycheck, better to create money machines and reap more money later.
Third, Save money. Saving will …

5 Most Common Mistakes of Pinoy OFWs

I travelled around different cities and lived in 5 different countries in the last 8 years, from Rome, London, Norway, Singapore and UAE. I met Pinoy OFWs abroad, I heard stories of hardship and sacrifice.
If you are thinking of leaving our country and working abroad, I would like you to avoid 5 common mistakes;
1. Personal Loans - most OFWs are not prepared and  they don't plan for financial sacrifices. They will ask for loans and make their house a collateral. They will work for at least 2 years to pay back their loans.
2. "Land of Milk and Honey". - they believe that going abroad is the only way to get out of poverty. They don't know that it's not easy to find a job and most of the time they could not practice their professions, end up disappointed working as a cleaner.
3. Provide more than they could afford. They will work day and night because they need to provide for their families and neighbors. Sometimes, they will skip their own meals to save and remit more …

What is your Safest Investments?

Variety of options in choosing investments or financial instruments. You can be confuse whether real estates, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, business ventures etc. etc. All of these choices can either help you achieve financial freedom or make you broke.

The number of victims by financial fraudsters and MLM recruiters keep increasing and companies went bankrupt and ran with investors money. I wonder, if there are still any available safest investments. 
I would like to share with you my personal strategy of building safest investments, though readers of this blog knew that I'm investing on stocks, mutual funds, vul and real estate, there are other important investments than financial investment.
First, Experience and Education."Invest on yourself first ". I'm investing on myself thru experience (moving from industry to industry with different positions, from a dishwasher to Financial Controller and Entrepreneur). Experience will be your best teacher. Another strategy t…