Saturday, 27 December 2014

High Performance for Year 2015

Reality Check 2014
Did you give 100% in your career ?
Did you achieve your dreams to have a 6 pack abs?
Did you hit the target % gains in your portfolio?
Did you hit your target profit in your business?

If you answered those questions with a big "YES", Congratulations.

Year 2014 will be unfold and 2015 is opening the doors for a new adventure and new beginnings.

As an investor and trader, you are already thinking of what will be the next move in your investments or stocks to "imbak" or "bodega" for year 2015. It's time to reflect and check if you achieved high performance in year 2014 not only in the field of stock market but in your life as a whole.

I reflected in the past few days and checked what are those goals on my lists that I was able to achieved:

1. Marriage. ( July 13).
2. Baby ( August 8) "My wife got pregnant".
3. Retire at age 30 ( October 31). You tube link retired @30
4. Holiday in UAE amd PAM Meet up. ( December 5 - 16)
5. Launched my book (December 23). Link to my Newbie Book  .
6. PAM Academy (June 6). Link to PAM Academy.

Those are 5 important goals that I gave my high performance. There are also goals that I was not able to achieved:

1. To lose 10 kg in weight.
2. PAM PSE Tracker development in iOS. (only android version).

You might be discourage if you did not achieve your goals but giving up is not a good solution. I moved my missed goals to year 2015.
There are challenges that you need to overcome to fulfill your goals and dreams but determination and focus will be key ingredients. I encourage you to write your 2015 High Performance Goals and start creating strategy to achieve them.  

I'm wishing you a Prosperous Year 2015.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

P.S. Newbie Book is now available at Central Bookstore.

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