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I decided not to post graph on this blog because I have a lot of newbie visitors on this blog. I was asked many times what stock to buy for 2015. I'm looking at the graph of AGI and I believed that there is a sign of reversal with this stock after hitting the bottom a week ago, same story with the RWM under it's portfolio.

Technical graph showing a good reversal sign after the continuous downtrend in the past weeks:

AGI completed 5 waves of up and down, the pattern of lowest low is already hit as we have seen in the graph above, the stock price is also below the 3 SMA lines. A good entry point of this stock is 22.25 below and a rebounce at 25 price above is possible very soon. This stock is included in our PAM table.
Recommendation: BUY
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5 Rules for the Game of Life by Brendon Burchard
Let's have a review on this rules for the game of life. It will be great to apply this coming year 2015.

1. Clear Vision - What is your vision for life? What kind of life do you want to live? What relationship do you want to have? Who do yo want to become? What type of person do you want to be?

2. Believed in your ability. Figure things out. Believe in your total self. Develop your confidence. Enough mastery in your fields and developing your skills. Focus and give more energy. Grow yourself. There will be a better tomorrow and expect the struggles. You will be able to develop your competency.

3. Have Fun. No matter what, you should have fun in this journey. Bring the fun, bring the joy. Be proactive. Find opportunities in those struggles. Bring the light in the darkness. Impact people on your journey.

4. Be patient but persistent. Be cool. Life must be slowly moving. Give time, don't hurry. Don't shortcut the journey to yo…

High Performance for Year 2015

Reality Check 2014
Did you give 100% in your career ?
Did you achieve your dreams to have a 6 pack abs?
Did you hit the target % gains in your portfolio?
Did you hit your target profit in your business?

If you answered those questions with a big "YES", Congratulations.

Year 2014 will be unfold and 2015 is opening the doors for a new adventure and new beginnings.

As an investor and trader, you are already thinking of what will be the next move in your investments or stocks to "imbak" or "bodega" for year 2015. It's time to reflect and check if you achieved high performance in year 2014 not only in the field of stock market but in your life as a whole.

I reflected in the past few days and checked what are those goals on my lists that I was able to achieved:

1. Marriage. ( July 13).
2. Baby ( August 8) "My wife got pregnant".
3. Retire at age 30 ( October 31). You tube link retired @30
4. Holiday in UAE amd PAM Meet up. ( December 5 - 16)
5. L…

Christmas Gifts

A year ago, I started writing about different investment vehicles and check the risks associated and how I could maximize the famous advice of financial advisors "Let your Money works for you". I studied and invested myself on different financial instruments, so I will be able to share a real life transactions. Today, a dream of sharing my knowledge in financial field is now a reality.

I considered this book as a Christmas gift to Newbie investors and traders. This book will open your eyes to the reasons why you need to invest and what are the financial instruments that could give potential returns in the future. I know there are a lot of books to read in this field, adding this book to your reading lists will  be your Christmas gift to Newbie mentor.
Book Description
A book is designed to help Newbies discover the way to financial freedom. A real life samples and transactions of different financial instruments.
The book also contains explanation of different investment vehicle…

Christmas Bonus = Christmas Gains

Christmas bonus is now available in your bank account. Many already bought gifts for their "inaanak", probably you bought noche buena package and gift for yourself. Did you add a buying power in your portfolio?

I thought to myself, I don't have a Christmas bonus that results to constraint budget,
a disadvantage of a retiree at an early age and without pension from the government.
(a day I retired@30).

I don't have much income with my Newbie mentoring program,and  PAM PSE Tracker downloads.
Adding to my disappointment is the forex loss because of the slipped in oil prices.

I don't  easily give up to find an income sources, now that I have a lot of time to trade in the stock market , I said to myself this is the field that I'm going to take home my Christmas bonus. 3 days ago, the stocks went down so badly at 6 966 level, blu chips hit by the blood. A week ago, I bought Bloom @ 11.10 and gains of 53 000, I sold it @

I bought DMC @14.42 and sold @ 14.80 with s…

A Flight to Heaven

I planned for a holiday trip in United Arab Emirates to visit my wife and to be with her for a medical check up for our upcoming baby. She already at her 5th month and it's time to know the gender of our baby. I'm really excited to become a Father.

I suffered from a dilemma of visiting or not because of my preparation for my start up business in Rome, Italy. The application of visit visa and booking of ticket added to my worries. She said that she will not disclosed the gender of our baby unless I will come with her, without any hesitation, I said "ok, you can apply my visa and I will book my ticket."

As a frequent traveler, I know how to get a cheap flights but I have only 3 days left after my visa got approved. Upon checking. most of the flight tickets went up already, I encountered Air Serbia thru the search engine Expedia and Last Minute, the first time I heard the airline which is a partner of Etihad Airways, this is a cheapest flight with stop over in Belgrade…

IPO Game

Initial Public Offering,the first sale of stock by a private company to the public. IPOs are often issued by smaller, younger companies seeking the capital to expand, but can also be done by large privately owned companies looking to become publicly traded. source (Investopedia)

PSPC and X are the recent IPO's in the Philippine Stock Exchange, both of them showed oversubscribed status before the listing. 

PSPC or Phoenix Semiconductor Philippines Corporation was established by STS Semiconductor, Korea's leading provider of semiconductor packaging.

X or Xurpass Inc. is a technology company specializing in the creation and development of digital products and services for mobile end users.

Those given X shares are very happy from IPO price of 3.97 to 9.05 equivalent to 125 % gains and those with PSPC shares are very lonely from IPO price of 3.76 to 2.60 equivalent to 31.60% loss as of today's closing.

Many are looking for answers why there are stocks that gave 100% gains during IP…