Thursday, 27 November 2014

Travel with your GAINS

I love travelling and try to spend less on my travel. The good thing, I was able to tsupit my ticket flights to UAE and Belgrade with small allowance from Bloom.

I'm always on time, (see the picture) I arrived before the steward and was able to sit on the first 2 rows of the airplane(window seat) next to the Business class as a reward.

The good thing, I was able to tsupit my ticket flight to UAE and Belgrade, as of this writing at Belgrade International Airport. 

I met a French professor to tour me around the city, we went to Republic square, The Fortress, Sava Center, Belgrade Arena, Skardlija etc...etc.

I enjoyed the rich culture and spicy foods. 

The weather is at 1 degree celsius, a bit cold but not snowy. I collected pictures of canyon from World War II.

Travelling will teach you a lot of things, it can help you to be creative and look for opportunities for new business and meeting new friends.

Many Pinoys set their travel plans on their retirement when they will be around 60 years old or above. I think there will be a big difference, if you travel at an early age it will open your eyes to many possibilities and you might want to move to another place and settle there. Believed me, I lived in 6 different cities in a span of 7 years from Manila, Rome, Singapore, London, Oslo, Bergen, and Scadinavian cities that lead me to discovering my passion in food, cultures, language etc..etc..

Some retirees usually will not be able to travel due to sickness or health problems. The time that we lost in our younger years will never be recovered. It will be sad, if you will not be able to see the beauty of other worlds.

Save and Invest, those could be your first step.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. I really like the Coffee here in Belgrade, looks like Chocolate, Grilled sausage is spicy, Gryos Chicken delicious, Dark beer is too strong.

Flight JU 800 Boarding now.. I need to go..See you PAMers in UAE.

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