Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Re-tired @ 30

4 days from the time I re-tired. I don't know what to do. I don't have office to go, no meetings, no emails to check, no tasks to finished, no projects to work on, no directions and I really don't know how to organize my day.

I end up in starbucks writing and compiling the lessons learned in investing the stock market. The right time to do mentoring program and make an impact in the lives of Filipino's locally and abroad.

I want to be the blueprint of success in escaping the rat race.

I'm waiting for few days before my flight to Rome then look for a place to go and start my new adventure. The truth, I'm trying to figure out to be productive and find an extra income that will cover my monthly expenses. It's very challenging to keep yourself work and motivate towards your goal to help others. This will not stop me to become a role model to everyone. I don't have a fancy title as financial advisor but what I have is the experiences in different fields.

I realized, as a newbie mentor I could reach thousands of OFW's and Filipino's worldwide thru an online mentoring program. This is the start of a bigger vision. Aside from the mentoring program, I will be travelling around, visiting different cities in the Philippines and countries where Filipino's work and live. I added to my retirement plan to start a small online business to support my wife and upcoming healthy baby.

Please do share this link, this might change your life and others:

Sincerely yours,


P.S, Please take time to watch this video:
Newbie Mentor Message


  1. Hey, blog-hopping here! I am an OFW coming home for good really soon!

    Nice blog you got here!


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