Saturday, 15 November 2014


Do you have an alarm clock?
Do you have phone reminders?
Do you check notifications in Facebook?

Every morning, you will hear set alarms in your iphone or samsung. If you have important meetings and special reminders, mark the calendar or automatic notification. How about facebook notifications such as to like a page, birthdays, upcoming special events etc..etc..

In the stock market battlefield, we always wants to be the first to enter in the stock that could fly high. We always want to be the first and have an alert, if there is a good news coming especially those news that could push the price up such as increased earning announcement, FOO or follow on offering, buy back program, dividends, IPO etc...etc..

No one will give you an alert or notification in the field of stock market, what you could see are reviews and ratings by brokers and gurus. One of the problem is the busyness in your daily routine that no one will remind you to buy or sell a specific stock.

Two months ago, I had a meeting with my developers team for the upcoming improvement in the PAM PSE tracker
it will be a totally different applications that will be publish in iOS and Google play this coming December 25, 2014.

There will be more added features that will be helpful to newbie investors and traders, the alert notifications when you set a specific target price of your stock, you can clone your stocks portfolio, dividend declarations, averaging up and down transactions and the famous PAM table will be accessible at the palm of your hand.

I'm really excited for another breakthrough in this field. I'm looking forward for your undying support.

Please continue to support the PAM PSE Tracker and download in Google play, click here:

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