Saturday, 22 November 2014

Accelerated Learning in the Stock Market

Josh Kaufman, popularized the get good at anything in 20 hours.
Can we apply Josh technique in the field of the stock market?
Do you want to be a master in trading stocks?

His techniques in mastering a specific skills:
1. Decide - you need to decide and commit yourself in mastering the skills. Set a target performance.
2. Deconstruct - you need to undergo the process and deconstruct the different subskills. Focus and  practice.
3. Research thoroughly.
4. Removing the barriers.- practice without any destruction,example:  writing a book, turn off the wifi connection(facebook and notifications) and focus on writing.
5. Commit to practice at least 20 hours - setting up to do the work. Behavioural psychology mentioned, it will be easier for you to commit the first 20 hours then you will know if this will interest you. A pre-commitment to practice.

Technical analysis is one of the concept that you need to master to be able to trade in short term and make profits. Different disciplines such as candlesticks charting, harmonic patterns, indicators, etc. etc. This skill will take time and practice. Newbies are persuade to take a step to change strategy because of promising gains and the dream of financial freedom. I don't recommend to trade especially if you have a full time job and zero knowledge and you are riding with recommendations of friends and said experts.

I would like to tell you that thorough study of technical analysis will be the first step but not a guarantee to success. There will be many losses against gains in the first years and you are ask to commit yourself. You will consider it as a full time job. 

The techniques of Josh Kaufman could be a applied. You need to give time and commit your first 20 hours without any destruction.

Congrats to gainers of the week and especially to PAMers.

I captured a moment to inspire last Friday.

Investing is different from trading.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. I will be in UAE this coming first week of December, maybe we could meet somewhere to have a dinner, this is part of my retirement travel plan and I don't ask for a fee.


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