Friday, 7 November 2014


Who wants to retire early?
Who wants to start business?
Who wants to invests?
Who wants to achieve financial freedom?

Probably your answer to those questions is a BIG "YES".

We have many questions in our life that we don't have direct answers that hinders us to achieve our dreams. A dream that one day, our retirement will be worry free and we can do the things that we love. This is not an easy journey. Hardwork and determination will be the 2 ingredients for a dream retirement.

I retired from 9-5 hours job, because of my vision and mission to spread financial literacy. The role model or blue print of  a "Man that Escape the Rat Race", "Escape the Cubicle Nation",  and "Man of Start-Up".

Leaving the active income behind is scary. The fear that will flows to your whole body, mind and spirit should be overcome. The temptation of good job offers, and staying on comfort zone keeps bugging on your nightmares.

It's really challenging times and moment of my life. I will face it and no holding back. The freedom lifestyle and mission of helping others will be my main theme in this daring adventure.

If you are Newbies in this field and lost in the forest, no place to go, then Newbie Lessons Program is for you, check this link and follow the procedures:

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