Thursday, 27 November 2014

Travel with your GAINS

I love travelling and try to spend less on my travel. The good thing, I was able to tsupit my ticket flights to UAE and Belgrade with small allowance from Bloom.

I'm always on time, (see the picture) I arrived before the steward and was able to sit on the first 2 rows of the airplane(window seat) next to the Business class as a reward.

The good thing, I was able to tsupit my ticket flight to UAE and Belgrade, as of this writing at Belgrade International Airport. 

I met a French professor to tour me around the city, we went to Republic square, The Fortress, Sava Center, Belgrade Arena, Skardlija etc...etc.

I enjoyed the rich culture and spicy foods. 

The weather is at 1 degree celsius, a bit cold but not snowy. I collected pictures of canyon from World War II.

Travelling will teach you a lot of things, it can help you to be creative and look for opportunities for new business and meeting new friends.

Many Pinoys set their travel plans on their retirement when they will be around 60 years old or above. I think there will be a big difference, if you travel at an early age it will open your eyes to many possibilities and you might want to move to another place and settle there. Believed me, I lived in 6 different cities in a span of 7 years from Manila, Rome, Singapore, London, Oslo, Bergen, and Scadinavian cities that lead me to discovering my passion in food, cultures, language etc..etc..

Some retirees usually will not be able to travel due to sickness or health problems. The time that we lost in our younger years will never be recovered. It will be sad, if you will not be able to see the beauty of other worlds.

Save and Invest, those could be your first step.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. I really like the Coffee here in Belgrade, looks like Chocolate, Grilled sausage is spicy, Gryos Chicken delicious, Dark beer is too strong.

Flight JU 800 Boarding now.. I need to go..See you PAMers in UAE.

Monday, 24 November 2014

No need to be kuripot!!!

1. Don't go to starbucks!
2. Don't buy the new iPhone!
3. Don't go with your dabarkads!
4. Don't go for a holiday or engrande vacation!
5. Don't buy a branded clothes!

Those are famous advice of financial advisors. Pay for yourself first and invest for your future.

Here is the explanation:

1. Let's say you are drinking capuccino grande at Starbucks everyday at a cost of 130 pesos, equivalent to 2600 pesos in 4 weeks or 20 days. If you replace it with 3 in 1 coffee, it will only cost 78.70 for 20 sachet at a cost of 3.93 pesos. You saved 2521.3 pesos.

2. Buying an iPhone 6 will cost in a range of 32,000 -58,371.6 . If you have the iPhone 4 and 5 will not make much difference in terms of functionality, if you are using it for texting, calling, surfing on the internet then it's not necessary to buy a new iPhone instead used the money as a buying power on the stock market or open a mutual funds account.

3. Dabarkads, this is a part of our everyday life, to have social life and be part of the community. Be part of the community in which will help you grow your financial knowledge and help you achieve your dreams. A good example is the PAM community or PAM Academy.

4. Don't go on holiday or engrande vacation. I don't agree with this one. I travelled at least 25 cities around  the world with a cheaper expenses due to early booking and collecting points. Check I will be in UAE this coming first week of December.(just leave a comment if you want to meet your newbie mentor at no cost).

5, Branded clothes. If you can get a same quality of materials without paying double price, then you can saved a pretty good amount. The brand will not add to your pogi points,  no need to spend for expensive brands. A sale is not a sale. 50% off meaning that is the true amount of the items with small profit margin.

I will not give you an advice to be KURIPOT, instead SPEND WISELY. Life is short, even if you save a lot of money but suffering or sacrificing your lifestyle then it's time to reflect. You might want to increase your income like asking for a raise or promotions, adding an extra hours of work or overtime, business sidelines etc etc. There are many ways to increase your cash flows, you need to discover it.

Sincerely yours,


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Accelerated Learning in the Stock Market

Josh Kaufman, popularized the get good at anything in 20 hours.
Can we apply Josh technique in the field of the stock market?
Do you want to be a master in trading stocks?

His techniques in mastering a specific skills:
1. Decide - you need to decide and commit yourself in mastering the skills. Set a target performance.
2. Deconstruct - you need to undergo the process and deconstruct the different subskills. Focus and  practice.
3. Research thoroughly.
4. Removing the barriers.- practice without any destruction,example:  writing a book, turn off the wifi connection(facebook and notifications) and focus on writing.
5. Commit to practice at least 20 hours - setting up to do the work. Behavioural psychology mentioned, it will be easier for you to commit the first 20 hours then you will know if this will interest you. A pre-commitment to practice.

Technical analysis is one of the concept that you need to master to be able to trade in short term and make profits. Different disciplines such as candlesticks charting, harmonic patterns, indicators, etc. etc. This skill will take time and practice. Newbies are persuade to take a step to change strategy because of promising gains and the dream of financial freedom. I don't recommend to trade especially if you have a full time job and zero knowledge and you are riding with recommendations of friends and said experts.

I would like to tell you that thorough study of technical analysis will be the first step but not a guarantee to success. There will be many losses against gains in the first years and you are ask to commit yourself. You will consider it as a full time job. 

The techniques of Josh Kaufman could be a applied. You need to give time and commit your first 20 hours without any destruction.

Congrats to gainers of the week and especially to PAMers.

I captured a moment to inspire last Friday.

Investing is different from trading.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. I will be in UAE this coming first week of December, maybe we could meet somewhere to have a dinner, this is part of my retirement travel plan and I don't ask for a fee.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Value Investor

Sir Warren Buffet, Oracle of Omaha, one of the wealthiest person in the 20th century and continuously growing his portfolio of investment. He popularized value investing or the buy and hold strategy. His one of the notable philantrophist and continuously living a frugal life despite of having billions and CEO of Bershire Hathaway.

As part of the Newbie lessons program, the winning criteria in picking the right stocks of Sir Warren:

1. Unique Products.
2. Dividend Yields.
3. Increased Earnings.
4. Management.
5. Undervalued

Those listed criteria above will be discuss in the upcoming Newbie Lessons Program, in addition there will be lists of stocks for long term with analysis and target price to be given to newbie enrollees at the end of the program.

I'm hoping that newbies especially those that don't know where to start, this is the place for you.

Send your inquiries for enrollment procedures @

Sincerely yours,



Do you have an alarm clock?
Do you have phone reminders?
Do you check notifications in Facebook?

Every morning, you will hear set alarms in your iphone or samsung. If you have important meetings and special reminders, mark the calendar or automatic notification. How about facebook notifications such as to like a page, birthdays, upcoming special events etc..etc..

In the stock market battlefield, we always wants to be the first to enter in the stock that could fly high. We always want to be the first and have an alert, if there is a good news coming especially those news that could push the price up such as increased earning announcement, FOO or follow on offering, buy back program, dividends, IPO etc...etc..

No one will give you an alert or notification in the field of stock market, what you could see are reviews and ratings by brokers and gurus. One of the problem is the busyness in your daily routine that no one will remind you to buy or sell a specific stock.

Two months ago, I had a meeting with my developers team for the upcoming improvement in the PAM PSE tracker
it will be a totally different applications that will be publish in iOS and Google play this coming December 25, 2014.

There will be more added features that will be helpful to newbie investors and traders, the alert notifications when you set a specific target price of your stock, you can clone your stocks portfolio, dividend declarations, averaging up and down transactions and the famous PAM table will be accessible at the palm of your hand.

I'm really excited for another breakthrough in this field. I'm looking forward for your undying support.

Please continue to support the PAM PSE Tracker and download in Google play, click here:

Sincerely yours,


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Life's Journey

Life is a journey. What matters is the journey not the destination.
Those words are half true and half false, we can continuously travelling but without arriving at the destination. In this case, destination will matter at the end of the day.

Many friends asking, Are you ready? Where you going? Are you going to retire and not work again?
Today is special because of my departure from Norway, next destination is Rome,Italy [writing this article before boarding to London]. I kept answering those questions, Yes, I'm retired from the rat race or 9-5 hours job and probably will not go back again. I will settle in Rome while starting my online business and continuously mentoring newbies thru newbie lessons program.

6 cities and 4 different countries for the past 7 years journeying to Financial freedom and finding my true passion in life. The journey is tiring and looking back tears started flowing. I gone that far, from dishwasher, pizza maker, chef, market researcher, documentation controller, real estate broker, stock master and an entrepreneur. From single and happy Go lucky to a Married Man and soon to be a loving Father.

Enjoying the journey and knowing your destination with hardwork and determination will bring you to your success and happiness in life.

Have a pleasant journey.

Flight DY 1314 is now boarding, please proceed to gate 23a.

I need to go before I miss my flight.

Sincerely yours,

Newbie Mentor

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

COSCO as a substitute

We are looking for a good stocks for long term. One hot picks on this blog is PGOLD, slow moving stock but good news hit that the net income in third quarter recovers with 55.5% increase y/y. From 33 buying point to 36 as of 11/11/2014 closing. If you have a sari-sari store business and you always buy groceries on puregold then this stock is for you.

Sometimes, we could have a better substitute, COSCO is another way of owning PGOLD. Third quarter earnings net income grew by 16% contributed to this growth is the LPG business. It recovered from the declined in net income of 6.5% in the first half of the year. Christmas shopping will contribute to the continuous recovery of the Cosco's retail and whisky business.

Another good thing, COL released their target price of 11.50 with potential upside of 45% from 7.90 price level.

Of course, many will ask, what is your recommendation?

BUY with Caveat.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Any potential losses and gains will be shoulder by the readers.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Dividends Play with DMC

This is not to show that I'm good or master in the stock market battlefield or scam someone. This will test how much you know in the stock market.

Negative and positive reactions from the members of forum are highly appreciated. This is what I called emotional intelligence. Whatever criticism they will say against you, standing up and keeping your values and principles will define who you are.

One of the main takeaways in this scenario is to have a plan. Stick to your plan and you will have fruits to harvest. Another learning is to manage your emotions, whether small or big amount of money you are losing.

Here is the explanation of the 80% loss to 4.51% gains:

The amount of gains covered my 3 months sponsorship in hulanalysis.

If you want to learn more about the stock market, I would like to invite you in my NEWBIE lessons program.

Sincerely yours,


P. S. Together We Can Achieve Financial Freedom.

Friday, 7 November 2014


Who wants to retire early?
Who wants to start business?
Who wants to invests?
Who wants to achieve financial freedom?

Probably your answer to those questions is a BIG "YES".

We have many questions in our life that we don't have direct answers that hinders us to achieve our dreams. A dream that one day, our retirement will be worry free and we can do the things that we love. This is not an easy journey. Hardwork and determination will be the 2 ingredients for a dream retirement.

I retired from 9-5 hours job, because of my vision and mission to spread financial literacy. The role model or blue print of  a "Man that Escape the Rat Race", "Escape the Cubicle Nation",  and "Man of Start-Up".

Leaving the active income behind is scary. The fear that will flows to your whole body, mind and spirit should be overcome. The temptation of good job offers, and staying on comfort zone keeps bugging on your nightmares.

It's really challenging times and moment of my life. I will face it and no holding back. The freedom lifestyle and mission of helping others will be my main theme in this daring adventure.

If you are Newbies in this field and lost in the forest, no place to go, then Newbie Lessons Program is for you, check this link and follow the procedures:

Sincerely yours,


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Re-tired @ 30

4 days from the time I re-tired. I don't know what to do. I don't have office to go, no meetings, no emails to check, no tasks to finished, no projects to work on, no directions and I really don't know how to organize my day.

I end up in starbucks writing and compiling the lessons learned in investing the stock market. The right time to do mentoring program and make an impact in the lives of Filipino's locally and abroad.

I want to be the blueprint of success in escaping the rat race.

I'm waiting for few days before my flight to Rome then look for a place to go and start my new adventure. The truth, I'm trying to figure out to be productive and find an extra income that will cover my monthly expenses. It's very challenging to keep yourself work and motivate towards your goal to help others. This will not stop me to become a role model to everyone. I don't have a fancy title as financial advisor but what I have is the experiences in different fields.

I realized, as a newbie mentor I could reach thousands of OFW's and Filipino's worldwide thru an online mentoring program. This is the start of a bigger vision. Aside from the mentoring program, I will be travelling around, visiting different cities in the Philippines and countries where Filipino's work and live. I added to my retirement plan to start a small online business to support my wife and upcoming healthy baby.

Please do share this link, this might change your life and others:

Sincerely yours,


P.S, Please take time to watch this video:
Newbie Mentor Message

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