Sunday, 12 October 2014

Why pay for a fee while there are ways to get it free?

Many traders and investors want to save in this journey to financial freedom. Few hacks to get things for free.

1. You tube videos for stock charting lessons.
2.  Free webinars offered by institutions.
3.  Free ebooks from friends and amazon.
4.  Free movies at
5.  Investopedia for finance definition.

Yes, I do love things for free. I live a frugal life with luxury. I save every month and  add to my investment.  Those things for free, I value them.

There are things that I paid and invested . A good example is my education, I was able to study in London, UK in Hult International Business School that cost my savings, it triggered opportunities. I could easily find a new job, I can build my own business, I can travel in any part of the world because of friendship that I established with my colleagues etc etc,
I learned to pay for a price and later reap my rewards.

I started my journey as a newbie mentor in the Philippine stock market because of growing demand of opinions and advice. An OFW from UAE asked me if I could be a mentor to him without hesitation I said "YES". I offered my opinions and advice for free. I used to give PAM free updates with my friends which is now offered for a fee(I'll give reason why). I'm encourage by this newbie from UAE:

I decided to developed an application that could help investors and traders with charting problems and monitoring their stocks which is PAM PSE Tracker with Free and Premium versions

The encouraging messages and feedbacks from friends asking for advice blow my mind. I know that I will not be able to answers inquiries and messages all the time because of my full time job. I decided to start the PAM Academy and build a mastermind group.

The academy received good and bad feedbacks which we considered constructive criticism. A question came out, 

Why there will be a monthly fee?

1. Time and effort by PAM Academy staff.
2. Website maintenance and domain hosting.
3. Fee for webinar software and video editing software.

Why not give it for free since you are earning from stock recommendations?

The truth my investment in all of the above tools are not recovered yet. I'm thankful that  benefits exceed the costs. The benefits given to our members.
The decisions to make it a monthly subscription are voted by PAM friends. The promise that we will be giving you a thorough research of our chosen stocks and guidance from us will be put on a higher level. A good example was the warning to set aside buying power on our last week updates, the AR which gave us a pretty good amount of gains and today, TUGS that gave us at least 4% gains. I can see that my portfolio is fighting and hopefully this reflects from our members:

I still hoping from Old Students that you will support us. The monthly subscription for old students will start on January 2015.

Sincerely yours,


"Together we can achieve financial freedom"

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