Thursday, 9 October 2014


This review is for NEWBIES in the market. It does n't necessarily mean you need to follow the NEWBIE mentor, you need to validate his analysis and recommendations. There is no master, guru or experts in this field. There is only "YOU" in front of your trading platform.

I would like you to validate my recommendation. The last recommendation made was PCOR vs PGOLD which PCOR gave a good amount of returns while PGOLD still lagging behind. Our target for PCOR is to hit at least 15 pesos level in year 2015 while PGOLD is to come back at 46 above. PGOLD showing weaknesses, I want you to test buy at 31 level.

Now. let's take a look for another stock to be recommended by your NEWBIE mentor:


Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPI) was incorporated on March 20, 2006 as a holding company for investments in water utilities, toll roads, electricity distribution and healthcare services. MPI is 55.8%-owned by Metro Pacific Holdings, Inc as of December 31, 2013. Source PSE

No doubt that this company is good for long term because of the companies under it's portfolio, adding to that most of the services offered are basic necessities and part of our daily lives such as healthcare, water, electricity and toll roads. Sir Manny Pangilinan, as Chairman of the Board of Directors definitely have a good expansion plans and future plans for the company to be one of the giants conglomerates in the country.


As of 09/10/2014 closed at 5 level. The lowest possible entry is 4.83 but for you to have a margin of safety 4.77 below is highly recommended. The target price for mid term will be 5. 30 while for long term will be 6.20 in year 2015.

Col financial revised their fair value estimates:

Potential upside in the future is promising therefore a buy recommendation for MPI.

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