Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Dance with MCP and PLC

What if you can dance while earning?
What if you sit down and cash flows unknowingly?
What if you can use your talents in earning money?
What if you can follow your passion without fear of failures?

The cash gifts received from families and friends last wedding day during our prosperity dance were invested in the stock market and used for furnishing our condominium investment.

My wife and I agreed that our extra money will be put to financial instrument that will beat inflation in the long run. Stock market was the chosen battlefield. Again, stock market is  risky, you need to study and do a thorough research.

We decided to picked AGI for long term but due to selling of shares by Sir Andrew Tan last July the price went down below 25, We switched strategy to a mid-term play. We decided to cut loss and buy another stock which was MCP.

I researched the financial standing of MCP and management plans. As per 2013 yearend price closed at 13.68 and the continuous increased in company's valuation as per table below.

source: Technistock

Another factor, the opening of City of Dreams that will give a potential increase of earnings in the near future.

I triggered the buy button last July in which the stock trading at 11.18 - 11.42 price.
As of today writing, the results showed a 22% gains:

The results of the researched and thorough analysis paid off. There is no magic formula.
The money from prosperity dance grew by 22%.

As per PAM updates 2 weeks ago, PLC is one of mid-term play, having a direct relationship with the results of City of Dreams operation and having an agreement with MCP of 80%  pay out from unrestricted retained earnings. PLC potential upside of 10% is still possible but at the entry point of 1.78.

Col Analysis:

Sincerely yours,


P. S. I will be launching a NEWBIE program and hoping for your support.

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